Potato Head Beach Club Bali

The incredible, multi-colored façade of old wooden shutters is a dramatic entrance that leads to the Bali wonderland and beachside institution that is the Potato Head Beach Club. Funky, fun, artistic, and dynamic, the atmosphere is chilled-out, upbeat, and unabashedly about creating a real party atmosphere. Potato Head is more cool than chic.

A hip hotspot for beach lovers

Designed by a renowned architect, with quirky style features, Potato Head is hip, happening, and an entertainment hotspot in the quiet, upscale Seminyak toward the south of Bali. The area is known for its spas and boutique shops, so it is not surprising that the bold concept of the beach club and its interesting and original character is such a landmark.

A musical beachfront amphitheater

The beachfront bar looks out over a huge lawn by the sands with swim-up bar pool seats too. Sunsets are nothing short of magical for beach-club hedonists enjoying the all-day party atmosphere by the pool. The green grass is transformed into a natural arena where partygoers can dance to some of the top DJs and performers who play in front of an incredible ocean scape. High-tech and state-of-the-art, the vibe is original with an almost retro-style beach-party atmosphere that is about as cool as it gets.

Beach club dining

Potato Head is ultimately about experiencing freedom, and dining ranges from the clean and fresh Asian bites at Lilin to pastas and grilled meats at the Potato Head Bar & Bistro, and the modern French dishes at Tapping Shoes with its extravagance of chandeliers adding a somewhat unusual and fun take on fine-dining traditions and romance.

Musicians, artists, and architects, beach-club lovers, sunny days and sunsets over the Indian Ocean combine in a wonderfully different and splendidly entertaining hotspot that livens up the laid-back Bali beach scene.

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