10 Most Luxurious Train Journeys Across Asia

Very few long-distance travel options are as charming and nostalgic as a train journey. Luxury train travels, in particular, feature breathtaking panoramic views of landscapes and landmarks and add a touch of hotel-style grandeur and comfort.

Anyone looking for a timeless experience in beautiful carriages passing through the beautiful countryside will enjoy the leisure trains. We put together a list of the most luxurious and sought-after train journeys by wanderers traversing through Asia.



1) The Eastern & Oriental Express, Bangkok to Singapore

Photo: Seat61

The Eastern & Oriental Express traverses through Southeast Asian countries Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. Passengers will love the cherrywood paneling of the carriages and recognize the signature Thai silks and Malaysian embroidery of the furnishings. The train also spoils its passengers with options of different luxury rooms, a dining cart with decadent east and west cuisine, and signature region-based cocktails.


2) Victoria Express: Hanoi to Sapa, Vietnam

Photo: Victoria Hotels Asia

Victoria Express Train is one of the most exclusive train services in Vietnam, currently reserved for travelers who book a stay at Victoria Hotel and Resort Sapa. The train’s interior is intricately designed with wood panels, Indochinese styling, and oversized windows perfect for viewing the stunning terraced rice paddies and local villages. It features a dining carriage where guests can enjoy fine European-style cuisines. The train offers two luxurious sleeping carriages that accommodate 48 passengers.



3) The Shangri-La Express

Photo: Society of International Railway Travelers

The Golden Eagle Shangri-La Express is one of the high-end trains in Asia that passes through Tangula Pass, the world’s highest railway, and journeys past snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas and China’s ancient cities home to a collection of palaces and temples. Its onboard facilities include a piano bar with a professional pianist, a dining car that serves Continental and Chinese dishes, and rooms with a large bay window for breathtaking views and landscapes.


4) Silk Road, China to Russia

Photo: Far & Wide

The Silk Road train is the most extensive train journey through Europe and Asia. It journeys through UNESCO World Heritage Sites and ancient, historic, and world-famous landmarks like The Great Wall and Terracotta Soldiers. In addition, the train also has dining cars with both local and international cuisine, a bar with live piano music, and access to a vodka tasting. Guests can enjoy the train’s hotel-style accommodation with a complimentary bottle of vodka in every room.



5) The Maharajas Express

Photo: The Maharajas

The Maharajas Express is half a mile-long train that offers seven different rail journeys depending on your set of destinations. It has lavish suites, butler services, and exclusive seating that accommodates only 88 guests at a time. Its Presidential Suite features two bathrooms, one with a deluxe bathtub. Meanwhile, the regular Suite also has a living room, dining room, and two bedrooms. 


6) The Deccan Odyssey

Photo: Photos Worldwide | Pixabay

This train covers famous cities and landmarks of India, including Mumbai and Delhi. Inspired by the royal eras of ancient India, it has palace-like interiors for its cabins and treats passengers like royalty. It also has multi-cuisine restaurants, an onboard spa, plush lounges, and various unforgettable luxurious amenities. 


7) Golden Chariot

Photo: Photos Worldwide | Pixabay

The Golden Chariot was launched in 2008 and was awarded Asia’s Leading Luxury Train in 2013. It travels to several World Heritage Sites and India’s most popular tourist destinations. The train also has guest cabins intricately designed and named after ruling dynasties. It has an Ayurveda spa center, in-house fine-dining restaurants, and a mini gym. 



8) Train Suite Shiki-Shima

Photo: Japan.Travel

Train Suite Shiki-Shima is one of the world’s most elegant and luxurious trains, with only 17 luxury suites carrying 34 passengers at a time. The train has gold-plated carriages and features cuisine by Japan‘s first Michelin-star chef and 24-hour butler service. Also, it travels through landscapes of lush terraced rice paddies, ancient temples, mountain villages, and rolling vineyards.


9) Twilight Express Mizukaze


The 10-car train opened in June 2017 and can accommodate up to 30 guests in its 16 opulent guest rooms. It goes around regions with stunning landscapes and rich coastal views. All rooms are adorned traditionally crafted items from various territories along the train’s route. Additionally, the train boards world-class culinary artisans that serve food made from locally-sourced ingredients. 


10) Seven Stars

Photo: Japan Rail Pass

Seven Stars is a 7-carriage luxury train that can accommodate 30 people in 14 suites. Various artisans furnished the train with superior craftsmanship to showcase Japan’s signature interior design: walnut floors, walls made with rosewood and maple, shoji paper screens, and sliding glass doors etched with flowers and birds. The trip also features scenic views of Kyushu, a Southern Island in Japan, for passengers to enjoy.


Featured Image: Michal Matlon