5 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Vietnam

Vietnam, known for its rich history, culture and natural landscape and sandy beaches is also home to amazing culinary delights. The blend of cultures only serves to diversify the available cuisine options for those looking for unique dining experiences.

Although street food is still popular in Vietnam, there are numerous fine dining restaurants that offer expertly prepared food, great ambiance, and stellar customer service. If you are looking for a fine dining restaurant in Vietnam which offers more than just food for your tummy, you are in the right place.

Below are some of the best fine dining restaurants in Vietnam where you can treat yourself and your loved ones to an exquisitely satisfying dining experience.

#1. El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse

As the name suggests, this is the ultimate haven for steak lovers offering lunch and dinner. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Danang, El Gaucho is a chain of restaurants famous for juicy meat dishes of all kinds. Although its menu is centered on steak, there are gluten-free options and dishes for non-meat lovers ranging from soups to seafood.

Together with its stylish decor, El Guacho offers some of the best steak dishes in the country. Image: vn.elgaucho.asia

The steak is not the only highlight of this fine dining restaurant in Vietnam. El Gaucho boasts of professionalism in customer service and a lavish taste in décor. You can enjoy your steak and awesome views of Saigon on the rooftop of El Gaucho’s Hai Ba Truing restaurant in Hoi Chi Minh City.

Website: vn.elgaucho.asia

#2. La Villa French Restaurant

Situated at a quiet street off Thao Dien in Ho Chi Minh City, La Villa French Restaurant has a lot of French delicacies to offer its guests. With a la carte menu for dinner, you can indulge your palate in French dishes and exotic wines available at La Villa French Restaurant.

Fancy lighting creates a romantic atmosphere for the poolside dining at La Villa. Image: lavilla-restaurant.com.vn

Other than the culinary expertise displayed in every meal, La Villa’s outdoor garden and an inviting pool create a relaxing environment for an enjoyable experience. Whether you are of French origin or not, you will be satisfied with the La Villa French Restaurant services.

Website: lavilla-restaurant.com.vn

#3. EON51 Restaurant & Lounge

Perched on the 51st floor of Bitextco Financial Tower, EON51 restaurant exudes elegance and class. Vintage furnishings combine with the establishment’s contemporary design to give off a polished look. Here, you can have your taste of international cuisines prepared in an open kitchen by experienced chefs.

From a height of 200m, dining at Eon51 comes with a view of Saigon unlike nowhere else. Image: eon51.com

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the sprawling city below which gets better at night! There is also a VIP area for a more private dining and interruption-free experience. For art lovers, the nearby Sky Deck occasionally hosts art exhibitions where you can grab yourself a souvenir.

Website: eon51.com

#4. The Deck Saigon Restaurant

The Deck is located at the banks of Saigon River, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Offering both Asian and fusion cuisines, visitors can enjoy their meals and drinks in the spacious wooden deck by the river. The Deck is one of the fine dining restaurants in Vietnam that offer breakfast, brunch lunch, and dinner, incorporating a global menu with a Pan-Asian feel. The Deck’s menu changes weekly, giving guests a chance for culinary exploration.

Bay windows open out the charming Saigon river at The Deck. Image: thedecksaigon.com

If arriving in style is your thing, the restaurant can arrange for you to arrive by boat. Added to the cost is a glass of Prosecco per guest as you are warmly welcomed by the pleasant staff!

Website: thedecksaigon.com/index.php

#5. Hoi An Sense Restaurant

Formerly Hoi An Restaurant, Hoi An Sense Restaurant is the ultimate destination for those who love the finer things in life. This exotic restaurant has been in business for over 20 years. Here, guests get to experience homemade rice flour rolls and dumplings as well as Cau Lou, one of its signature dish. However, this restaurant focuses on Vietnamese gourmet cuisine.

Artistic wood architecture, lanterns, and a fish pond accompany Hoi An Sense’s traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Image: hoiansense.com.vn

Situated on a picturesque rooftop, Hoi An Sense is a unique, fine dining restaurant in Vietnam, famed for its wooden architecture, lanterns and fish pond. Hoi An Sense Restaurant is located at Dakao Ward, District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Website: hoiansense.com.vn

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An excellent setting and great company make good food go down better. Get into any of the above fine dining restaurants in Vietnam and treat yourself to an unforgettable dining experience.