5 Best Luxury Cruise Lines Across Asia

When you board a cruise ship, you can always expect an extraordinary travel experience, offering luxury, leisure, and exploration in a single trip. Cruise lines offer a diverse itinerary that will fulfill anyone with an adventurous or cozy spirit. It promises an enchanting holiday that allows you to enjoy the destinations and the journey toward them. 

Cruise ships offer many luxuries, including various entertainment options and activities. Passengers can also enjoy fine dining delights, social events, and more. Additionally, one thing that can make your trip even better is a voyage across the world’s largest continent.

With many rich cultures, scenic landscapes, historical sites, and endless natural wonders, Asia is the best place to explore on a cruise ship. Known as the melting pot of culture, ports in Asia can lead you to countless places, each with unique elements that will captivate you.

Let’s look at the best cruises in Asia to whisk you away on an unforgettable expedition across the continent. 

1. Seabourn 

Seabourn’s intimate, all-inclusive cruise packages capture the art of travel excellence. Each suite is first-rate, with personal attendants, walk-in closets, in-suite bars, and Swarovski binoculars for sightseeing in style. 

Dining is a dream in Seabourn as the cruise line partners with world-renowned chefs dedicated to providing the ultimate gourmet experience. Whether you prefer a short but sweet vacation or a port-intensive adventure, the award-winning luxury cruise line has more than enough options. 

Seabourn offers elaborate itineraries that can take you to the ports of Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. In-depth explorations with cruises focused on particular destinations, like Southern Japan, are also available. Its well-planned excursions allow guests to venture into hidden gems of various ports. 

2. Royal Caribbean 

Photo: Royal Caribbean International

This cruise line is a household name in luxury sea travel. The Royal Caribbean’s variety of itineraries within Asia explores the vibrant cities of Shanghai and Beijing, the green mountainside and windswept waters of Busan, the golden sands and divine temples of Bali, and more!

When it comes to activities, the Royal Caribbean provides limitless options on board the cruise ship, including disco parties, Latin fiestas, outdoor movie nights by the pool, wine tastings, and play day programs for young passengers. 

3. Cunard 

Photo: Cunard

Cunard presents sophisticated cruise ships with spacious oceanview staterooms and state-of-the-art amenities. It offers departures from Barcelona, Capet Town, and Sydney towards Hong Kong, Yokohama, and Singapore. Additionally, it brings opportunities to take in the stunning sceneries in Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines along the way.

Cunard organizes plenty of social and recreational activities for passengers, such as its signature daily afternoon tea. This everyday social affair has become a beloved tradition on the cruise ship, providing passengers with a delightful ambiance reminiscent of a classic English experience with sumptuous patisseries served on fine china. 

Cunard also holds Gala Evenings, where you can witness the ship revamped to host a formal night with themes and motifs of Black and White, Red and Gold, Roaring 20s, or Masquerade. 

4. Princess Cruise 

Princess Asia cruises cover a wide range of the most popular ports in the continent while giving you options for shorter 10-day cruises to longer 30-day voyages along the shores of Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Taipei, down to Manila, Bali, and Phuket

Passengers have the chance to witness Broadway-style shows from award-winning composers and engage in family-friendly activities when they board a Princess Asia cruise ship. The cruise line provides elevated comfort and convenience with its MedallionClass devices. This customizable pocket-sized wearable gadget enhances and expedites services to passengers, including the boarding process, room service, digital payments, and more.

5. Heritage Line

Photo: The Heritage Line

The Heritage Line is home to regal, charismatic art-deco ships that take you to Southeast Asian waterways, including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Aside from the marine vistas in Vietnam’s bays, this cruise line also offers voyages across the untouched villages of Laos in Upper Mekong and the golden lands of Myanmar.

Photo: The Heritage Line via Instagram

The quaint voyages of the Heritage Line prioritize passenger wellness with spa treatments and Tai Chi sessions available on board, particularly in the morning. They also hold various festivities and activities, such as cultural demonstrations, educational presentations, cooking classes, and farewell parties on your final night aboard. 

An unforgettable journey awaits you at sea regardless of your chosen cruise line. May your escape into Asia’s horizons be one for the books!

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Featured Image: Diego F. Parra via Pexels