7 Best Luxury Concierge Services in Asia

Convenience, comfort, and accessibility mean something different for the world’s elite. Luxury concierge services offer elevated personal assistance for their members, including booking dinner reservations, curating a leisure trip, arranging a handcraft session with a luxury bag architect, or bringing in rare items for a photoshoot.

These luxury concierge services in Asia are proof that money may not be able to buy happiness, but it sure can buy you everything else. 

1. Quintessentially Lifestyle

Quintessentially is a London-based luxury concierge and lifestyle management service with multiple global offices, including one in Singapore. They have a reliable international network and access to high-profile brands, providing unique experiences exclusive to their members.

The lifestyle management and luxury concierge company’s services include VIP access to events, restaurant reservations, tailoring luxury trips, personal shopping, relocation services, wedding or private party planning, and other client errands. Their in-house network of experts and partners specializes in various fields, including art, real estate, and travel, to name a few.

Quintessentially spent two decades perfecting their offerings for the benefit of their clients, which on average, have a net worth of about $36 million. 

2. The Billionaire Concierge

Photo: The Billionaire Concierge | Twitter

The Billionaire Concierge is an invitation-only luxury concierge and lifestyle management service with offices in different parts of the globe, including Dubai and Hong Kong. Their primary services include sourcing the best luxury items for their members, getting clients to access red-carpet events and exclusive luxury villas, and addressing various lifestyle issues with personalized solutions. They also offer property management, relocation, education services, and yacht acquisition. 

Members of The Billionaire Concierge include entrepreneurs, high-profile individuals, and significant ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals. They have partners and networks to provide an extensive range of luxury services and bespoke personal experiences. 

3. Ten Lifestyle Group

Ten Lifestyle is a luxury concierge and lifestyle service company with 22 global offices, including in Dubai and Hong Kong. With over 350,000 active users and two million members, they are one of the leading concierge groups in Asia and across the globe. They offer services in financial, property, health, retail, and more.

Their network of experts can grant any wish and organize the most urgent or complex plans. Their award-winning Ten Platform allows members to access thousands of exclusive member events and benefits.

Ten is the service provider for many major financial institutions and premium consumer brands worldwide. 

4. Sincura Group

Photo: Sincura Group

Sincura Group is a luxury concierge company based in London that services clients globally. They offer private and personal one-to-one service to members, such as priority reservations at exclusive restaurants, purchasing VIP tickets to sold-out events, planning luxury travels, and curating once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Sincura is also regarded as the most technologically advanced concierge in the world and has been voted the world’s best concierge. The Sincura App allows its members exclusive benefits and privileges with the best hotels, restaurants, clubs, spas, luxury products, and many essential international services. 

5. Silver Voyage Club

Photo: Lifestyle Asia

The Silver Voyage Club is a luxury concierge company that offers one-stop premium lifestyle services for clients. They provide seamless travel experiences, global limousine transfers, and luxury lifestyle management. 

The club offers four tiers of membership: Elite, Platinum, and Silver – each with a choice selection of benefits. Memberships are available in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

6. Asia Concierge

While the previous luxury concierge companies offer a wide array of services, Asia Concierge focuses explicitly on travel. It is a travel design company that provides specialized ground services with its vast network of connections and partnerships built over 25 years.

Asia Concierge offers everything from fast-track airport services to thrilling adventures and cultural exchanges. They have offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Bali, and Shanghai, among many other cities in Asia.

Their travel designers craft carefully-researched itineraries tailored to the tastes and requirements of their clients, with both the customer experience and the social implications of these travels in mind. They also explore and document the lesser-known regions in Asia, encouraging more memorable travel experiences and allowing their clients to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of Asia’s rich and diverse cultures.

These experiences are paired with independent hotels and villas vetted by their property specialists.

7. Real United

Photo: Real United Singapore

In Singapore, VIPs can find Real United, a chauffeur and concierge service company that provides clients access to the best flights, accommodations, restaurants, and private events. From concerts, art shows, celebrity weddings, and private parties, Real United promises to provide their clients exclusive treatment and priority access, such as meet-and-greet sessions with a performing artist. 

Their primary service is luxury limousines, where their clients can explore Singapore easily, comfortably, and in style. Real United’s limousine fleet is also suitable for various group sizes. More than just first-class drivers, their staff are trained chauffeurs that can provide exceptional service.

They can answer questions about the destinations in Singapore and offer insight into possible traffic issues and local tips. Real United’s vehicles are customizable according to the client’s needs.