Aeromobil: The First Flying Car in the World

Aeromobil, a Slovakian company, announced its success of one of the flying car models called Aeromobil 3.0 which is the first fully convertible flying car in the world. The project is still a prototype and might be able to release for commercial purpose by 2017.

The Aeromobil 3.0 is a two-seater aero car that can be driven like a regular automobile as well as a flying small airplane. It has two wings that are folded back behind the main cockpit and a back-mounted propeller tucks between the retracted wings.

This amazing aeromobil is a brainchild of Stefan Klein and Juraj Vaculik. It has a maximum flying speed of 130 kmh and can reach an altitude of about 1.4 km. The winged car has a flying range of 700 km or almost equivalent to the flight from Singapore to Medan in Indonesia.

According to the company, anyone with the driver license can drive this invention. For the flying part, it is recommended that the pilot should have a Private Pilot License (PPL). The training hours for flying is different by country, but it should be a minimum of 40 hrs of flight.

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