Bohol: A Charming Paradise for Luxury Destination Weddings in the Philippines

Its dazzling white beaches have long been a playground for newspaper-loved personalities, Bohol in the Philippines is also a highly sought-after location for luxury destination weddings, plucking those ideas often tucked away in a dreamy fairytale and thrusting them into a beautiful reality. The nature-laden province is blessed with a breathtaking landscape, most notably the famous Chocolate Hills. Bohol is cast in the Central Visayas Region and within the paradisiacal waters of the Mindanao Sea. Endless white sands, a rustic tropical vibe, storybook sunsets, enticing coral reefs, and weather blessed by Mother Nature make up some of the reasons why Bohol is fast becoming Asia’s wedding central.

A dreamy table setting for a wedding by the beach in Bohol

So do elegant location options in the way of South Palms Resort and Bohol Beach Club, among many others that continually see love birds tie the knot year after year. If you’re wondering why Bohol is the go-to for those looking to cement their vows in the most lavish way possible, wonder no more: 

Excellent Infrastructure

Bohol might be famous for its undisturbed vegetative cover, hence its appeal, however, it’s as modern a destination as they come. The island is home to the world-class Bohol-Panglao International Airport, which bridges the travel gaps between Panglao island and the rest of Bohol to the world. Its infrastructural chest also boasts many high-profile ports, including the busy Tubigon Port which avails several daily round trips between Bohol and Cebu. There are many other ports around Bohol, some of which link back to the alluring 75 outlying islands that necklace the province. The amenities and road networks of Bohol are also spoken of in high regard. 

Great Accessibility

Bohol’s convenient location within the Philippines ensures excellent accessibility no matter where you touch down in the country, be it Cebu, Leyte, or Manila. Cebu connects to Bohol via established water networks through ferry trips every day while Manila best links to the island via daily flights. Several land travel options within the island are also available to ensure that your guests make it to the wedding venue conveniently. 

Perfect Weather

The tropical wind blowing on a palm-fringed beach in Panglao, Bohol

The rainy season in Bohol typically spans between August and October, and it would be ideal to consider a date outside these months to avoid a muddy beach wedding, that is if you harbor dreams of getting married along the scenic coastline. More specifically, keep in mind the period between November and April, which is officially the dry season, when the weather ensures you can sample blossoming nature and uninhibited turquoise. The humidity levels are usually off the charts in May, so if you’ve set your sights on a day within that month, an indoor reception may be the way to go.

An Abundance of Suppliers and Vendors

World-class jewelry, decadent cakes, and gorgeous flowers from Bohol’s local suppliers and vendors

From skilled makeup artists who’ll have the wedding entourage looking their best, to entertainers who’ll set that perfect romantic tone, you can rest assure that every aspect of your wedding will find safe hands. There are countless options when it comes to wedding vendors and suppliers in Bohol, so you’re sure to get the best photographers, florists, and what have you without breaking a sweat. 

Many Possible Venues to Suit Every Taste Bud

Would you like to have your wedding at a luxury resort that mixes the best of nature and opulent settings? Do you prefer the romantic seclusion of a beach or garden? Or are you the conservative kind who would love the formalities of a church to commemorate your special day? No matter your definition of the ideal wedding venue, you’re sure to find your preference in Bohol. To get you started, you could look into the luxury villa in Guildulman, Pure Shores Villa, or Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa, and Dauis Church in Panglao Island, Bohol.

Capable Planners and Designers

Bohol wedding planner, Joyce Bella, styling a table for a beach wedding at South Palms Resort Panglao

Are there any good wedding planners or designers in Bohol you can trust with the most important day of your life? You must understandably be concerned about the capabilities of those you’ll task with transforming concepts into a beautiful ceremony, but there’s no need to worry as Bohol and the country, in general, is home to some of Asia’s most creative talents. With a prosperous wedding industry that has thrived over several decades, finding a reliable wedding designer or planner in Bohol with a solid track record won’t be a problem. In fact, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Many Activities to Keep Your Family and Guests Occupied 

Bohol offers many incentives for guests to be part of your special day, aside, of course, for wanting to be present for an important milestone in your life. An enchanting rural side offers a nice reprieve from modernity, the most treasured being the Bohol chocolate ranges, and the sprawling Cambuyo rice terraces which are bathed in a lively green and offer refreshing sightseeing. History buffs will have their fill of historic cathedrals, while watersport enthusiasts will have, at their fingertips, some of the best snorkeling and diving spots known to man. The whitewashed beaches themselves are enough to have those on the fence scampering for a plane ticket.

Few places around the world can match the wedding appeal of Bohol, a picturesque island that’s good not only for tieing the knot but honeymooning as well. The region is brimming with secluded havens you could run off to, and glamorous beachside hotels or resorts dedicated to a five-star honeymoon experience. Your itinerary could also include a serenaded cruise along Loboc River, sharing candle-lit dinners in Panglao, marveling at night fireflies on Abatan river, or dolphin watching off Pamilican Island, and so much more!

A couple sharing an intimate moment by the beach

This article was produced in collaboration with Event Planner Philippines by Joyce Bella, one of the country’s most trusted wedding planners. Event Planner Philippines specializes in luxury destination weddings in the country for elite international and local clients.


Photographer: Foreveryday Photography / Venue: South Palms Resort, Bohol / Floral Design: Blue Grass Project / Hairstylist & Makeup Artist: Headmasters Philippines / Bride’s Dress: EJ Relampagos Couture / Groom’s Attire: Christian Bustrillos / Jewelry: Versailles Jewelry / Cake: Lola Lilia’s Home-made Specialties / Planner & Stylist: Event Planner Philippines by Joyce Bella