DM Interior Design Singapore -Blending Practicality and Creativity for Imaginative Spaces

DM Interior Design Pte Ltd is a team of specialists with extensive backgrounds and experience in a design that has been creating impressive interior designs incorporating high-end, luxurious elements for over five years. The contemporary and relevant hotel, commercial, and residential design featured in the company’s portfolio embodies the skills and expertise accumulated by DM Interior Design Pte Ltd throughout successful work in various sectors. The unique ability to create a harmonious combination of design, affluence, creativity, and lifestyle has brought the studio the well-deserved recognition from the experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards, who named it the winner in the categories of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Singapore and Best Luxury Commercial Interior Design for ‘Pop Futurism Karaoke Club’ in Singapore.

DM Interior Design Pte Ltd specializes in providing innovative, mindful interior design services. The studio’s projects demonstrate undeniable excellence in creating breathtaking spaces in full accordance with their ultimate purpose. The team approaches each client and project individually, proactively, and openly adapting their suggestions depending on the current requirement. It has created the ideal basis for building a long-lasting and trusting relationship with most of the clients.

The studio was founded in 2016 by Wang Linfeng, an experienced interior designer who has put a strong ethos of creating passion through interior design in the foundation of the company and instilled it in the entire team. His love and interest for design and architecture received a strong theoretical basis when he became an honorary graduate of the interior design faculty from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and fully embodied in the establishment of DM Interior Design Pte Ltd.

Since its inception, the company has never stopped developing, constantly continuing to grow exponentially. Talented professionals of different specializations joined the team, which greatly expanded the studio’s expertise, providing one-stop-shop benefits to its clients. For each project, a dedicated manager is assigned, whose responsibilities include general monitoring of work progress, as well as overseeing compliance with project deadlines and budgets. All in all, the stable work of the studio is ensured by the coordinated actions of the teams of designers, managers, and administrators.

DM Interior Design Pte Ltd’s in-depth knowledge of the subtle ways to incorporate branding into interior design has enabled it to create prominent projects in the corporate and retail sectors. These included a luxury car showroom project, where a clever distribution of color accents allowed the client’s branding to be incorporated into the design of public areas decorated with high-end finishes.

The studio has implemented no less exquisite solutions for a variety of office projects, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to interior design and maximizing the potential of each project. One of the main principles of the company is a careful attitude to the individual preferences of each client. This principle manifested itself most vividly in the major project Palace. The team had the task of giving a luxurious look to the interior spaces of a huge residence. The goal was achieved through a judicious selection of fabrics, interior items, works of art, and a mix of floor and ceiling finishes with bronze, marble, and exotic woods.

Among the variety of projects in DM Interior Design Pte Ltd’s impressive portfolio, the judging panel of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards was drawn to Pop Futurism Karaoke Club, which embodied the vision of Asia as the home of karaoke, and offered a harmonious space where individuals or groups can enjoy singing their favorite songs. The founders of Pop Futurism Karaoke Club had the vision of a place that would appeal to both young visitors and seasoned singers. At the same time, the club had to have high-end finishes that fit the status of the club and its target audience. The owners wanted to create an avant-garde atmosphere inspired by pop culture, using a whimsical combination of comic book themes, urban icons, and specifically stylized elements.

For the successful implementation of the project, DM Interior Design Pte Ltd used its previously accumulated experience and skills to design separate rooms for karaoke with choreographed public areas. A distinct role in shaping the interior of the club was played by thematic lighting, which not only provided a practical design, but gave the darkened room a dynamic and personal touch. An important element of the stylization of the individual rooms was carefully selected artwork, which provided them with a visual identity and an appropriate focal point.

In accordance with the client’s requirements, DM Interior Design Pte Ltd incorporated technical elements such as cameras, multimedia, and audiovisual screens into the project. This organic interweaving of design frills and practical solutions is an integral part of the studio’s unique approach, which demonstrates its mastery of designing some of the most unique and creative spaces in Singapore’s competitive market.