Exceptional Planning and Tailor-Made Travel Services from Skylux Travel

Uncertainty in times of an international pandemic has undoubtedly resulted in a more cautious approach to travel planning and a hesitancy to take too much on in person. So much can go wrong and picking up the pieces takes much mental energy while also being incredibly time-consuming. So, what better time to make use of the services of one of the most highly renowned travel planners in the USA and get rid of all that stress? This is where Skylux Travel comes in. The award-winning company stands head and shoulders above its competitors in the arena of luxury travel with its can-do attitude and experienced team.

The company understands the importance of creating a brand with a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability. All clients can expect a tailor-made, personal service that takes into consideration their every need in a quest to deliver world-class travel solutions to suit them precisely. Skylux Travel pays close attention to detail and develops strong relationships with their customers, with the goal of fulfilling every need whilst taking all the hassle and anxiety out of the entire planning process. This ensures happy customers can fully relax and enjoy their travel experience. Getting inspiration and reassurance from real people who are experts in their field, adds a further dimension of enjoyment. Their package also offers the ultimate in support in all situations – just when it is needed most.

The agents at Skylux Travel pride themselves on going the extra mile to negotiate on their customers’ behalf to achieve the best possible pricing every time. They guarantee to leverage their professional relationships with airlines and other suppliers to legally provide the best of exclusive rates on direct business flights. And First and Business Class passengers receive a dedicated Personal Travel Manager who expertly takes care of every detail of the travel itinerary.

The impressive array of services offered by Skylux Travel includes many special offers when it comes to flights. They guarantee exclusively negotiated rates on over 50 airline carriers with the possibility of incredible discounts on First and Business Class flights with up to 77% off. They can deal with last-minute bookings and emergency changes (up to hours before flight departure) while also providing seating class updates from Business to First or Economy to Business. And there’s also the facility to handle seat allocation, meal preferences and customer loyalty programs as well as organising priority seating on overbooked flights. On top of dealing with flights, they can also attend to all aspects of travel including car hire, hotels, and any other travel experiences that customers desire.


Their exceptional team of 50 highly experienced travel experts will customise intricate itineraries exploring all corners of the globe. And their unparalleled customer service stipulates that all calls will be answered within 15 seconds globally, with Personal Travel Managers on-call 24/7. All of which adds up to an unparalleled travel service that makes each trip stress-free and therefore significantly more enjoyable for all their customers.

This is why Skylux Travel has been chosen by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as one of the winners in the category of Best Luxury Travel Agency in the USA for 2021. This is the second year in a row that they have been recognised with a prestigious award for their exceptional service and enviable company ethos.

More information on: www.skyluxtravel.com