Four of Asia’s Most Celebrated Wedding Gown Designers

A 2024 report by The Knot showed that 2.6 million weddings took place in 2022. This number shows 2.6 million brides searching for the perfect wedding gown on their special day. And while most brides look to Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Marchesa, or Oscar de la Renta, those in the know believe there is more to bridal gowns than just the main suspects.

Behold Asia’s finest beauty and fashion influences in the region offer exquisite craftsmanship and opulent designs for the modern, the traditional, and the most luxurious bridal gowns that grace the most romantic catwalk of all—the wedding aisle.

In this list, we present four of the most well-known names in bridal couture in Asia, where tradition meets contemporary silhouettes and ancient hand-stitching techniques to create the most opulent gowns the world has ever seen.

Below are four of Asia’s finest wedding gown designers:

1. Michael Cinco

Photo: Chris Singer

Filipino and Dubai-based couturier Michael Cinco is the toast of the town in the Middle Eastern metropolitan city. Coming from humble beginnings with a fine arts background, Cinco made his way to Dubai in the late 90s, reviving a couture house into one of the most well-known ateliers in the region. He opened his namesake atelier in 2003, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, he is one of the most celebrated names in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the world, offering show-stopping gowns reminiscent of princesses and grand fairy tales. One of his most notable bridal gowns was worn by Swarovski heiress Victoria Swarovski, whose gown cost USD$1.3 Million and was adorned with over 500,000 Swarovski crystals.

Filipinos are not only exceptionally talented and bright-minded; the Philippines also has one of the nicest islands to celebrate your intimate or grand luxury wedding of the year. To know more, grab a drink, take a seat, and read through The Philippines: A Rising Star for Luxury Destination Weddings in Asia.

2. Guo Pei

Photo: Gary Sexton

Guo Pei was put on the global map by none other than Rihanna, whose yellow “pancake” dress wowed the world over in the 2015 edition of the Met Gala. A year later, Guo Pei’s collections graced Paris Fashion Week, where she became the first Asian-born and raised designer to be invited to be a guest member of the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris.

With a mission to bring traditional garb to Chinese weddings, Guo Pei embarked on a luxury bridal and wedding foray, pushing for reimagining traditional Chinese ensembles for wedding ceremonies. Worn by Chinese celebrities for their weddings, Guo Pei has successfully remained true to her culture and tradition by continuing to use traditional embroidery techniques, with most of her pieces being hand-stitched by more than 500 employees. Guo Pei’s artistry and craftmanship and her rise to fame show that there is a lot to discover in Asia.

3. Rahul Mishra

Photo: Zee Zest

Rahul Mishra from Delhi, India, launched a collection in 2012 using different colors on traditional wedding gowns. He used a rainbow of opulent colors that stepped away from traditional hues, with ivories, pinks, blues, and blacks adorning the gowns. Sadly, it didn’t sit well with India’s brides, and the business was closed down soon after.

Fast-forward to 2017, when Mishra tried again. This time, it sparked the beginning of a career that has ballooned into global popularity, helping him become the most sought-after wedding gown designer in India. His pieces are so coveted that in 2020, he became the very first Indian designer to showcase at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

What makes his gowns different from other traditional Indian wedding designers is his aversion to the more common red sarees typical of Indian weddings. He infuses fresh takes on traditional garb while maintaining ancient Indian designs hand-stitched by over 1,000 embroiderers from all over the country.

4. Yumi Katsura

Photo: Yumi Katsura

Last on our list is Yumi Katsura, who was the very first designer to open a Western-inspired bridal shop in Japan in the early 60s. Before that, Japanese women wore traditional kimonos to celebrate their wedding day, but Katsura was the very first to create wedding gowns made of ultra-fine silk and European lace.

At age 91 (as of 2024), Katsura is still active in her fashionable pursuits. She continues to write bridal books, which she has amassed over 20 in her more than a five-decade career. She is also the Guinness Book of World Record Holder for the most pearls stitched into a gown and the first to open a bridal museum in the country, located in Kobe.

Her pieces are found in over 80 locations worldwide, and her signature look, the Yumi Silhouette, is known globally for infusing French savoir-faire with traditional Japanese techniques, which is a staple head-turner for luxury lifestyle enthusiasts.

Photo: Letícia Pelissari

Heralding the best of artisanal design and intricate craftsmanship and offering unique twists to luxurious bridal gowns in the region, Asia’s premier wedding gown designers offer the best of both worlds: traditional techniques merged with innovative silhouettes, creating the golden standard for global bridal couture.

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Featured Photo by Michael Cinco