Joali Maldives – A Look Into The Brand’s First Luxury Resort

In a picturesque island where you have countless resorts going out of their way to make their mark, Joali Maldives magnificently stands out of the crowd as a luxurious retreat built on water. Standing proudly on the pristine Muravandhoo island in the northern Maldives, the resort is flanked by white-sand beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. Besides water and sand, the resort is also surrounded by lush greenery dotted with swaying coconut palms.

Water villas of Joali Maldives Image:

Joali was envisioned by Turkish entrepreneur and owner, Esin Güral Argat. She gave a concrete structure to her dreams resulting in the impressive tear-shaped Joali Maldives that looks like a Manta Ray fish from one side, and like two fish kissing from the other side.  Understanding the locale’s fragile ecosystem and the importance of preserving it, the resort was also built in harmony with the natural flora and fauna, ensuring to save as many trees and corals as possible.

Luxurious Retreats: Beach and Water Villas

Spacious and well-designed water and beach villas comprise Joali Maldives’ luxury accommodations. Beach villas are located at the resort’s beachfront, blessed by spectacular views of the sand, sky, and sea. These villas are also surrounded by lush greenery and stately palm trees, perfect for those who want to bask in nature’s comforting shade and beauty. 

Joali’s four-bedroom beach residence is perfect for families or larger groups

The beach villa bedrooms exude sophistication in every corner

Water villas, on the other hand, are bungalows that peek out of the crystal waters of Maldives. These stilted overwater villas take guests right on the sea, providing a dreamy setting where one is surrounded by clear waters and dramatic views.

Private infinity pool and sundeck of Joali’s luxury water villas

Bright and breezy living area

Each of Joali’s 73 private water and beach villas creates an everlasting impression on guests the moment they step inside. The interior suddenly envelops you in a feeling of spaciousness and artistic beauty all around. From the lounge area to the tastefully done bedroom, every corner of the villa oozes elegance and reflects individual stories. The lavish living area, freestanding bathtub in the middle of the bathroom, the spacious sun deck, and swimming pool are thoughtfully designed to give you the best of comfort and convenience. The natural beige to brown tones with splashes of color adds a timeless appeal to the interiors.

Joali Spa by ESPA

World-class spa services await its guests

Nestled inside the luxurious resort is Joali Spa by the globally known wellness experts, ESPA. Indulge in a wide range of tailor-made treatments and healing experiences to make the guests feel refreshed and revitalized. The signature spa treatment at Espa is designed to unlock the body’s hidden vitality and renew the inner springs. There are 8 treatment rooms that boast garden and seaside views, merged with holistic treatment programs.

Dining Options

The tropical luxury vibe of the Vandhoo Restaurant

The luxury resort is home to four fusion cuisine restaurants to cater to the diverse taste of international guests. The Vandhoo restaurant offers a multi-cuisine dining experience featuring Chinese, Southeast Asian, Levant, and Mediterranean cuisines. Her Kitchen comes with an innovative concept where you can try out the local recipes and enjoy cooking with the chef. Saoke is a Japanese restaurant, which is perfect for private dinners and weddings. Bellinis brings you a fine Italian dining experience to remember. Don’t forget to check out the Mura Bar which overlooks the powdery beach and pool.

Other Amenities 

Besides the formal restaurants and bars, you can find poolside cabanas and sun loungers from where you can order food and drinks all day while basking in the sun. Sunsets are a breathtaking experience at Joali and you can enjoy amazing views from the pool, sandbank, and overwaters villas. Other amenities at the resort include a well-stocked library and a fully-equipped gym at the second floor. There is a tennis court, a large pool right on the beach, and a sandbank area. They also have an in-house boutique where you can go shopping to find items that you liked in the villa.

The interactive Art Studio and Gallery is where a lot of events are hosted that guests can partake in. Families will be happy to find a flower garden and a children’s playground to see the tiny tots smiling. Activities at Joali include glass kayaks, windsurf, paddleboards, wakeboarding, snorkeling, diving, or parasailing.

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