Poshest Artisanal Coffee Shops and Cafes in Singapore

Cafe hopping when visiting the Lion City is one of the many activities you can do to get to know the place better. From traditional kopi to specialty brews, Singapore offers a wide array of coffee experiences that cater to all caffeine-craving locals and travelers.

Get out of your accommodation in Singapore and take a tour around Orchard Road, Bugis, Holland Village, and other charming neighborhoods to find the most comforting cup of joe inside well-designed and aesthetically pleasing establishments. We put together this list of the poshest artisanal coffee shops and cafes in Singapore that are worth the visit. 


1. Hvala, Orchard

Photo: Hvala Facebook Page

Hvala has plenty of match-based beverages and desserts in a minimalist space where creatives and artists can connect. 

Their menu items are crafted by their team of pastry chefs and professionals to be the perfect accompaniment to conversations among friends and acquaintances. Their space also features a curated gallery and art exhibits. 


Marina Bay

2. The Coffee Academics, Marina Boulevard

Photo: The Coffee Academics Singapore

Known for its unique coffee blends, The Coffee Academics sources only the top 5% of specialty-grade Arabica coffee directly from over 50 independent farms globally.

They also offer coffee workshops and training programs for both professionals and hobbyists, which can be scheduled. Whether you’re visiting the country or trying to find something new, they offer basic latte art classes and sessions about the methods of third-wave specialty coffee.

As recommendations, try their innovative sugared lattes and all-day brunch plates. 


Bugis, Kampong Glam, and Siglap

3. Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Bugis

Photo: Chye Seng Huat Hardware Facebook Page

Chye Seng Huat Hardware (or CSHH) is a specialty coffee shop with a charming interior reminiscent of an old hardware store. The name of the building, which means ‘to flourish again,’ pays homage to the hardware heritage of the site and vicinity.

Within the confines of the building is the CSHH Coffee Bar, along with other establishments. The shops and stores in the building create a unique experience and ambiance for all who venture in. 

You will want to take advantage of their refreshing cold brew on tap. Their outdoor space also magically transforms into a lively beer garden in the afternoon. It’s the perfect place to unwind with friends while savoring coffee and delicious treats as the night unfolds. 

4. Dutch Colony Coffee Co., Kampong Glam

Photo: Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co. opened its first retail store at Pasarbella, an open farmers’ market in Singapore. With a commitment to delivering the best bean-to-cup experience, this coffee shop has a reputation for sourcing and expertly roasting only the finest, high-quality coffee beans. 

In addition, the coffee shop has welcoming staff who is always ready to accompany customers on their coffee-tasting journey. Their spacious interior also features an industrial-chic ambiance, perfect for enjoying their single-origin pour-over coffees and cold brews.


5. The Royals Cafe, Siglap

Photo: OpenRice Singapore (Review by RunningMan)

Experience regal treatment at The Royals Cafe. Indulge in their exceptional coffee and a delightful array of halal pastries and cakes crafted with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Embracing the richness of Asian cuisine, their menu features dishes like Nyonya mee siam and nasi lemak, adding a touch of culinary royalty to your dining experience. 


Bedok and Paya Lebar

6. Percolate Coffee, Bedok

Photo: Percolate Coffee Facebook Page

Percolate Coffee is another specialty coffee shop with a modern and relaxed atmosphere. They work with local and international coffee roasters to serve various beverages, from rich black filter coffee to creamy espresso milkshakes.

Catering to diverse preferences, Percolate Coffee also has an extensive selection of plant-based milk options for their vegan and lactose-intolerant patrons.

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7. BLACK&INK, Bedok

Photo: BLACK&INK Facebook Page

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Bedok, BLACK&INK has blossomed from a humble coffee bar into a spacious coffee shop. 

Step inside their contemporary space and marvel at the delightful array of classic desserts and comforting dishes they offer. Visitors must try their popular cold lavender latte.


8. Coexist Coffee, Paya Lebar

Photo: Coexist Coffee

Coexist Coffee is another hidden gem with unique interiors. They have winding pathways, signposts, streetlamps, and a spiral staircase that leads to a cozier mezzanine level.

In addition to its interior and superb coffee menu, Coexist Coffee hosts workshops and accreditation courses, including sessions like “How to Appreciate Coffee for Coffee Haters” and other latte art workshops.

Coexists Coffee has delectable brunch dishes, enticing main courses, and delicious cocktails.


9. Fatcat, Balestier

Photo: Fatcat Facebook Page

Fatcat is an ice cream and coffee boutique celebrated for its inventive ice cream waffle pairings. The magic happens in-house, where their talented pastry chefs meticulously craft freshly churned ice cream and bake delectable waffles. 

Dessert enthusiasts will love their signature creations, including the Reverse S’mores, Charcoal Waffles, and Brown Butter Ice Waffles. 


Holland Village and Balestier

10. Sunday Folks, Holland Village

Photo: Sunday Folks

Best known for being a dessert paradise, Sunday Folks is the perfect spot to get an affogato or a freshly-churned Earl Grey Lavender ice cream. After a leisurely stroll around the laid-back Holland Village, treat yourself to the delectable handcrafted desserts and seasonal creations of Sunday Folks.

Join locals and visitors in the cozy al fresco area of Chip Bee Gardens, where people enjoy plates of waffles, slices of cake, and cups of coffee. 

Featured Image: Burst via Pexels