The Prudent Restoration of Luxury Modern Living at Palácio Santa Helena by Stone

Regarding rehabilitating and restoring buildings and historic neighborhoods, the team of experts at Stone stands out as an industry leader in Portugal. The company focuses on delivering architectural, construction, and design interventions to create and develop better neighborhoods. While constantly developing close client relationships, Stone also aims to incorporate the more significant needs of the environment in their design. This unconventional approach has led to the company establishing an unparalleled reputation in the marketplace. It has delivered over 1,500 repurposed apartments and worked on several other developments in Lisbon, where they mainly operate. 

The company was founded in 2010 by Arthur and Geoffrey Moreno. Arthur Moreno said: “At Stone, we are passionate about the story of every project we take on, and we carry that story further to generate value and add to a legacy of comfort and beauty.” This unique approach and a dedication to professionalism, creative innovation, and design excellence set Stone apart from other architectural firms. The company is proud of its well-deserved reputation for its comprehensive and distinctive approach to creating beautiful spaces.

This dedication to exceptional artistry in restoring historical buildings is perfectly illustrated by their incredible work on Palácio Santa Helena. The building is 400 years old and steeped in history, having been the family residence for the Counts of St. Martin, holders of high positions in the Portuguese court for several centuries. Stone has completely refurbished the building, breathing new life into it to ensure its legacy continues. With its clean architectural lines and striking Lisbon aesthetic, the building is now home to 20 apartments, ranging in size from 51 sqm to 483 sqm. 

With their elegant contemporary design, the apartments are designed with large windows and glass doors, allowing for an abundance of light to flood their interiors. Each apartment is unique, appealing to a diverse selection of residents. From quiet indoor gardens for the ultimate in relaxation to swimming pools for fun family time, there’s something for everyone. Front-facing apartments offer stunning views of the Tagus, the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula. A dream location in the beautiful capital city of Lisbon. 

Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognized Stone for its exceptional work on this rehabilitation project. The company has impressively been awarded three prestigious awards in the categories: 

  • Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Portugal
  • Best Luxury Residential Development for Palácio Santa Helena in Portugal
  • Best Luxury Residential Renovation for Palácio Santa Helena in Portugal

They underlined their work to transform Palácio Santa Helena into a vibrant and architecturally innovative residence.

The founders of Stone, Arthur and Geoffrey Moreno, said: “It has been such a great privilege to work on Palácio Santa Helena. It is a building with so much life and character, making the project a unique challenge because you want to honor the history of the people who used the building. At the same time, the creative urge to reimagine something old is strong, but naturally, this must be done with great care and respect.”

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