Qoshan: The Ultimate Real Estate Brokerage and Property Expert in Jordan

The Middle Eastern country of Jordan has been alluring visitors from all over the world for a decade. Its diverse landscape includes fantastic deserts, bustling cities, and historical World Heritage sites. It’s also known as one of the safest countries in the region. With so much to offer, it is no surprise that Jordan attracts much interest in property investment.

Leading the way in the real estate market is brokerage Qoshan who handles everything property-related in the country. Their professional team is known for their ethical, transparent, specialized services, which lies at the heart of their success. They work across all property types, including residential developments, commercial, agricultural, and industrial – a true one-stop property destination.

Leading the company is CEO and Founder Nader Allan, known as the producer and host of the company’s real estate TV show of the same name. The show highlights the best real estate opportunities in the region, helping to boost investor confidence in the area. It also builds development awareness and supports all its clients during the sale and transfer process.

The company’s dynamic founder, Nader Allan, launched his career in the property market in 2004. Displaying exceptional sales and marketing ability and a love for the real estate industry, he rose quickly through the ranks to position himself as the authority in Jordan real estate. He has achieved extensively while conducting more than 20,000 property deals throughout his career. He completed property evaluation courses from the government of Dubai from the Dubai Real Estate Institute and was the Bank of Jordan Real Estate Ambassador in 2019. He has managed more than 70 projects from development to execution and participated in more than 40 real estate exhibitions. He was also awarded Gold Agent for Leptos Estates, D. Zavos Group, Quality Group in Cyprus, Emaar, Damac, Ellington, and Danupe properties from Dubai.

Qoshan prides itself on partnering with developers in the region of West Amman, offering exclusivity on all sales and markets. Their clients benefit directly from this collaboration, which puts them first in line for receiving all the latest development announcements. The company is also heavily invested in sponsoring real estate exhibitions, giving them impressive exposure. They further offer training courses for agents on property and marketing, which means they have developed a reputation as a respected real estate education. 

Alongside their television show, Qoshan has also developed their cutting-edge website, which serves as a digital platform for the property trades that attracts over 2000 decision-makers every day. Investors and clients visit qoshan.com to research the market, get updates on the latest news and receive industry analyses. Their goal is to be a valuable source of real estate knowledge to their discerning clientele and equip them with crucial marketing insight to make buying and selling a property more efficient for all concerned. The company is also popular with property advertisers. Its platform (the first of its kind in Jordan) offers innovative display opportunities, including 3D virtual reality with superb digital presentation opportunities. 

With its reputation for offering the best service and in-depth knowledge of the Jordan region and beyond, Qoshan stands out in the country’s competitive property market. For its contribution to Jordan’s real estate industry, experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards have selected Qoshan as the winner of a prestigious award in Best Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Jordan for 2022.

Find out more information about Qoshan and its exceptional real estate offerings by visiting https://qoshan.com/