Revel in Opulent Retreat at Carton House, Fairmont — Your Luxurious Hideaway in County Kildare

Nestled within the verdant embrace of a sprawling 1,100-acre estate, Carton House, Fairmont, emerges as an exquisite five-star haven, masterfully curated for modern luxury seekers yearning for a serene escape. This iconic resort, managed with finesse by Fairmont, is the triumphant recipient of the 2023 Luxury Lifestyle Awards, securing its rightful place as Ireland’s Best Luxury Resort

Situated a mere 25-minute jaunt from the vibrant pulse of Dublin’s city center and the convenience of Dublin Airport, Carton House unveils an unparalleled sanctuary. A harmonious convergence of nature’s allure and lavish hospitality, this estate unveils a tapestry of rolling woodlands, meandering rivers, and enchanting wooded enclaves, crafting a truly memorable backdrop for your retreat. 

Each guest room and suite within Carton House, Fairmont, bears the hallmark of thoughtful restoration, seamlessly interweaving outdoor splendor with indoor luxury. Whether you are in the Garden Wing deluxe king or garden terrace room or wrapped within the historic manor house’s staterooms and suites, every facet of the se abodes has been meticulously curated. Expect bespoke furnishings, sumptuous premium toiletries, indulgent linens, and the embrace of custom Fairmont beds – a symphony of elements designed exclusively for your divine comfort.

Steeped in the legacy of the 18th-century manor, Carton House, Fairmont, while paying homage to its heritage, embraces contemporary conveniences. A constellation of 14 meticulously appointed meeting rooms, catering to gatherings of up to 500 attendees, marries historical charm with modern utility. The newly refurbished Carton Suite stands as a crowning jewel, boasting a dedicated entrance and pre-function foyer. As night descends, it effortlessly transforms into an enchanting venue, the ideal canvas for sophisticated soirées or elegant gala feasts.

Within the embrace of Carton House, Fairmont, your journey into unforgettable experiences is boundless. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating spa rituals, partake in a leisurely round of golf on the picturesque course, or venture along scenic walking trails, each step a communion with nature’s majesty.

In the words of the company spokesperson, “To the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, our heartfelt gratitude resonates. This recognition reverberates profoundly within the Carton House, Fairmont family. With an unwavering belief in our boundless offerings, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of countless more cherished guests.”

Discover the embrace of luxury and secure your sojourn at, where Carton House, Fairmont stands ready to inscribe your memories with the hues of opulence and tranquility.