Superb Specialist Luxury Medical Care at EMC

The highest levels of specialist medical care are a priority in today’s modern world with importance placed not only on the knowledge of professionals involved, but also on the quality of the service and facilities available. The experts at European Medical Centre have impressive, wide-ranging experience in multiple fields of medicine internationally. And they pride themselves on offering expert care and consideration to help every patient get through the most difficult of situations.

One of the largest private medical companies in Russia, European Medical Centre/United Medical Group CY (EMC) employs over 800 doctors from around the world. These specialists have been handpicked for their expertise from all over Western Europe as well as the USA, Israel, and Russia itself. There are 9 medical centres around the Moscow region which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week providing emergency care for a variety of conditions. Up to 90,000 patients are treated there every year. They operate across all medical specialties, offering a personalised and comprehensive approach to healthcare as well as exclusive access to innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment.

To underline the level of treatment that is being offered, the EMC Clinic, situated at 35 Schepkina Street, has been internationally accredited for its exceptional work by the JCI. The expert medical staff at the clinic use European and American protocols in their diagnosis and treatment, thus providing patients with easy access to the best treatment techniques available without having to travel abroad. With more than 50 treatment areas available, the attentive staff have access to state-of-the art technical equipment and high-tech facilities which ensures the highest quality of service and a system for dealing with each case quickly and efficiently.

EMC is a unique medical practice in Russia which has offered impeccable patient care for over 30 years. And that is the reason why they have been selected by Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Healthcare Provider in Europe.

“Becoming the first medical centre in Europe to celebrate victory in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a big milestone for our entire team,” says Andrey Yanovsky, General Director of EMC. “We’ve worked hard to offer our customers access to the best international methods and standards of treatment without having to travel internationally. With first-class service and a personalised approach, is how we are constantly improving the client experience. All clients can be assigned a personal physician who oversees their health and will design a personalised plan, a kind of road map on the way to longevity and improved quality of life. In addition to the highest medical standards which are endorsed by JCI certification, among others, our clients can also choose their own meals from our list of luxury restaurant partners.”

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