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The Wedding Bliss is owned and managed by sisters – Jess Tantapaiboon & Nanya Tantapaiboon, offering bespoke luxury wedding planning services in Thailand to couples worldwide. Here’s what we’ve covered during our quick chat with them.

How did The Wedding Bliss start?

Nanya: The Wedding Bliss began as a passion project of mine and my sister, Jess back in 2011. We’re very different individuals in terms of personality and skills, and that’s one of the main factors that made us a great team, enjoying building a company together. I’ve always been more on the artistic and creative side, having graduated from Fine and Applied Arts. Before The Wedding Bliss was founded, I worked with a major wedding planner company back in Bangkok while Jess perfected her marketing and communication skills, both in Bangkok and the U.S., and then in Public Relations office of La Mer, a luxury cosmetic company.

Jess: We saw Phuket as a perfect wedding destination with so much potential. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the place once you discover all the hidden gems it has to offer. We aimed at providing exceptional service that will make it all easier for all couples wishing to marry here. It turned out that it seems like we were so right in our decision.

At some point, we both realized that we’re ready to start our own project, which will be not only our business but also our drive and passion.

Sisters Jess Tantapaiboon and Nanya Tantapaiboon, owners of The Wedding Bliss Thailand

How are your weddings different from other wedding planners in Thailand?

Wedding business has never been just a business for us, first and foremost it’s our passion. We connect with each couple at a more personal level. In fact, many of our past clients are now our good friends. The Thai hospitality from our team is one thing that we pride that our couples never forget and always appreciated when we welcome them on the island.

We also believe that each wedding has to be unique and personal, so we pay close attention to all the little details that together grow into a perfect picture. Details, details, details, — we can make it our motto! 🙂 Even more so, we love to develop and introduce new concepts to the market, so not only do we follow the current wedding trends, we do create them!

Do you have any favorite wedding at all?

It’s hard for us to distinguish just one favorite wedding, but we’ve had several projects that are still bringing lots of attention from online wedding bloggers and publications and even from our website visitors.

The first one is the wedding of Maria and Phillip, hosted in a private luxury villa on a cliff in Kamala: exquisite public, refined decor elements, personalized items, attention to every single detail.

After some time, we were honored to create our second masterpiece for Valerie & Shyam: a 5-day Indian-Vietnamese wedding on Koh Samui. The unbelievable cultural mix made this wedding a diamond of our portfolio!

And last, but not least, we can not forget to mention the Thai wedding of the year 2015: Bo & Nat. Hosted in a luxury hotel on Phuket’s east coast, this celebrity wedding gathered a lot of recognition and remains the most dreamy, fairy-tale wedding we’ve ever had.

What is it that you love the most about organizing a wedding?

Witnessing our vision coming to life, it is. Each wedding takes at least 6 months to plan, so when it comes to the wedding day, we have a lot of pictures and expectations about the way it’s going to look in reality. When we see that all our work results in happy smiles of guests and the couple’s amazement, we know that we’ve done our job.

What is the most famous or favorite wedding venues of your clients?

Private luxury villas in Phuket and Koh Samui are the most requested, not only because of the privacy it gives but also due to the exclusive setting couples can get. Luxury hotels and resorts are another favorite, of course, and Phuket can offer a broad range of choices for that.

Either venue with beach access or cliff and ocean view — it’s a dream coming true for our couples!

What is the most popular wedding destinations in Thailand based on your experience and why?

Phuket is probably the most popular wedding destination, and the reasons for that are numerous. It has an international airport, being readily available from any part of the world, at the same time offering all the convenient facilities people may be looking for on holidays. Numerous high-end luxury wedding venues and top-class service providers are a significant contributing factor.

Phuket also has incredible natural beauty and a significant number of fantastic beaches. However, there are other destinations, which are fast becoming Phuket’s rivals.

Koh Samui is getting more and more popular, offering a great variety of venue options, gorgeous natural scenes and more relaxed vibes, combined with exceptional service.

Krabi, with its one-of-a-kind scenery,  is another gem in Thailand. It is a perfect option for couples seeking an intimate but tasteful wedding.

Hua Hin is especially popular with our Bangkok couples, thanks to its proximity to the capital and rich historical background. 

The Wedding Bliss Team

The Wedding Bliss - Wedding Planners Team

The Wedding Planners (Photo by Sandra Aberg)


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