Top 15 Luxury Villa Rentals in Phuket

Private villas have certainly changed the way the world perceived luxury accommodations. It has redefined the meaning of exclusivity and has taken bespoke services into an entirely different level.

In Thailand’s island of Phuket, this relatively new genre of hospitality is definitely in full bloom. This luxury tourism hotspot hosts an incredibly vast array of villas and homes rental boasting extremely extravagant features, going beyond the typical infinity swimming pool and bedroom suites. One may be surprised to discover the kind of opulence these dwellings are hiding within their walls and fences.

Scrutinizing their amenities, scenic settings, design concept, and services provided, we have come up with our list of the top 15 luxury villas that Phuket has to offer, all provided with a well-acclaimed staff which includes villa managers and private chefs.

  1. Villa Amarapura

In addition to complete seclusion courtesy of the private peninsula where it is built, Villa Amarapura offers an abundance of luxurious amenities. The 14 guests that can stay at the villa at a time are to sure to be taken on a magical journey of prestigious living.

living room with view - villa amarapura phuket

Shimmering infinity pools make up a picturesque coastal surrounding while the interior avails well- furnished rooms paired with distinguished cutlery. Villa Amarapura boasts a professionally-equipped gym, a cinema room, a custom-installed golf simulation game, basketball court, and a specially landscaped golf putting green. A pair of Jacuzzis stand outside lavish bedrooms perfectly capping off an establishment staring into an epic seascape.

Take a closer look into Villa Amarapura Phuket.

  1. Villa Analaya

Along a stretch of seaside properties on Phuket’s western coast lies another awe-inspiring villa far from tourist-filled areas and surrounded by lush greenery. Hidden within the island’s Millionaire’s mile, Villa Analaya is built right next to one of the island’s most beautiful rock beaches and presents one truly palatial hideaway.

A stone stairway cuts across the center of the 6-bedroom villa, cascading down on several levels. A spacious lawn and infinity pool rests at the main level together with a 12-foot trampoline and a poolside pavilion. The villa also has a gym looking out to the sea as well as kayaks and a yoga platform.

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  1. Villa Padma

Villa Padma faces the waters of the Andaman Sea from its hillside location on the exclusive Cape Yamu estate. The lotus flower- after which the villa is named- provided the blueprint for a three-level construction well effected by pearl white stone, rustic wood, and transparent glass demarcations.

swimming pool at villa padma phuket

A sun-soaked front yard complete with a sunken sala and poolside beds overlooking stunning scenery serves a precursor to an indoors realized by contemporary delights bathed in traditionalism. The villa houses a retro-style games room with a billiards table and foosball set, an expansive terrace covered by a reflection pond, and a state-of-the-art cinema room.

Take a closer look into Villa Padma Phuket.

  1. Villa Sawarin

The massive Villa Sawarin is a towering architectural spectacle that is best typified by its 9-bedroom resort-like accommodation. At the pinnacle of the presentation lays a well-poised rooftop infinity pool that rises clear of any obstructions to avail enticing views beyond the neighboring vegetation.

The top, however, is only a glimpse of what villa has to offer. The property houses a fully-equipped gym, a landscaped garden, its own mini-golf course, a separate beach house bungalow, kayaks and paddle board, and a spa room.

See what else in store inside Villa Sawarin Phuket.

  1. Villa Mayavee

Mayavee brings together sublime views, opulent modernity, and lush privacy into one gem of a villa peeping into the Andaman Sea. Luminous glass-encased rooms, a 21-meter infinity pool, and a rooftop terrace stand out most about this villa which serves up a seductive getaway.

Just a short distance off Patong and Kamala Beach along Phuket’s coveted Millionaire’s mile, this four-bedroom residence is as sleek and flawless as they come. It houses a fully-equipped gym, an outdoor bar, and a master bedroom with its own private lap pool.

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  1. Villa Verai

Villa Verai jostles for existence within an assembly of vivacious treeline clearing enough space for a two-level home availing a massive tally of six bedrooms. Glass shares almost equal composition with precious stone presenting a building that looks paradisiacal in every sense of the word.

Besides beguiling aesthetics, also look forward to a 10-seater cinema area, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a fitness and spa facility, and of course, the delight of a generous infinity pool. An expansive lawn goes all to the way to the beach and the waters of the Andaman Sea beyond.

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  1. Villa Paradiso

The name says it all. With clear blue skies overlooking similarly colored tides crashing into golden shores, Villa Paradiso truly is just that: a paradise. This charming outdoor appeal also ventures inside where monochromatic shades are well executed to pair up a nice timber overlay.

A warm Thai ambiance echoes all around and spills into the outdoors where soothing customary furniture stands beside a sparkling infinity pool. Villa Paradiso gazes out into the gorgeous Naithon beach and houses its own fitness and spa room, a TV and games room, and a poolside barbecue with dining area.

Take a closer look into Villa Paradiso Phuket.

  1. Villa Ocean’s 11

Villa Oceans 11 is inclined atop vast stretches of turquoise waters which seem to reach up to your doorstep courtesy of a seamless infinity pool that deceives to be part of the horizon. This lavish home is one of the several on our list located on the exclusive Cape Yamu estate on Phuket’s eastern coast.

Expect a spa room, a gym, a bar, a cinema room, and private beach access from this minimalist 6-bedroom villa which takes full advantage of the overflowing beauty around it. Past and present era themes merge to execute a bonny design which nicely balances both aspects.

Learn more about Villa Ocean’s 11 Phuket.

  1. Villa Kalipay

Offering much in the way of a white-domineered, glossy and well-finished interior, Villa Kalipay embodies a stylish boutique haven. This intimate villa offers a lavish home theater replete with modern stylish seats, a gym, and a spa.

Besides the aforementioned, the internal appeal is also down to the use of furnishing from multiple countries which results in a diverse and rich setting. The outside can also be spoken of in equally glowing terms thanks to the bewitching coastal stretch nearby that can be enjoyed from within crystal-clear walls.

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  1. Villa Yang Som

Like a river down a slope, Yang Som snakes its way around a riveting green backdrop carving out space for five bedrooms, a garden and pool area encompassing an outdoor Jacuzzi, a cinema room, 12-seater living and dining areas, and an entertainment area with a pool table, ping pong table, and a bar.

The villa replicates the grandeur of traditional Thai structures but obviously with the exception of tasteful modern luxuries. Despite its hillside posture, every room enjoys generous floor space and the interior is designed with rustic wood elements and filled with opulent furnishings. Its impressive height allows guests to bask on views of Bang Tao Bay and Surin beach.

  1. Villa Leelawadee

A simple white décor permeates the indoors of Villa Leelawadee where sliding glass doors, polished floors, and high teak ceilings ensure that you’ll fall in love with the minimalist theme going on. What has gotten this home to our list is its eccentric yet fun-filled character. Hints of fresh orange, lime green, and sunshine yellow revitalize the monotony to great effect further enhancing the internal outlook.

At the end of the day, it’s what Leelawadee is on the outside that proves most enthralling as the artistically crafted villa provides a magical skyscape. Among its highlights is its 27-meter infinity pool that extends out like a ship’s bow and a plunge section where daring guests can dive into from the second floor.

Take a closer look into Villa Leelawadee Phuket.

  1. Villa Assava

Continuing a trend of divine positioning, this hillside villa ensures storybook surroundings made up of alluring distant peaks, a slice of subtle greenery, and a helping of endless waters. This property is an elegant display of modern construction both inside and on the outside.

Two master suites claim residency atop the five-bedroom construction which also houses an infinity pool with jacuzzis, a sunken sala, a fully stocked library, a vast games room including a pool table, and an appealing seating area for taking in lovely sunsets.

Learn more about Villa Assava Phuket.

  1. Villa Alchemy

Our next villa is well-deserving to be on our list not only for its size, but also for its luxurious offerings. With a total of 10 bedrooms, all of which are ensuite, Villa Alchemy is one of the grandest in Phuket. Groups of up to 20 people can bask in comfortable accommodation and enjoy facilities such as a private cinema, a gym and spa, and an entertainment area with a bar and pool table.

Villa Alchemy also comes with two separate infinity pools one of which is a saltwater pool right outside the entertainment area. The main pool, on the other hand, is an expansive 32-meter long infinity pool that comes complete with a shallow area for kids and a whirlpool. The property’s location is also a key feature enjoying its own beachfront on the island’s quiet east coast, surrounded by verdant gardens and looking out into the waters of Phang Nga bay.

Take a closer at Villa Alchemy Phuket.

  1. Villa Kalyana

10 over 10 is how you’d rate this villa where conventional themes of Thai tradition are marvelously paired with modern day grandeur to ensure a residence reeking of excellence everywhere you turn. Its location right in the middle of the Royal Phuket Marina is definitely a big factor for making it to our list, making it a haven for yachting enthusiasts.

pool villa kalyana in Phuket

From the 5- bedroom rooms to a privately owned 23-meter berth literally at your doorstep, everything about Kalyana screams unforgettable vacation. A 25-meter saltwater pool and a neatly tamed yard complete with glossy seatings and out-of-the-box tables splendidly round out the outside which precedes a white-laden lavish interior.

Take a closer look into Villa Kalyana Phuket.

  1. Villa Vikasa

Filling in our last spot is another villa from the illustrious Cape Yamu on Phuket’s eastern coast. Villa Vikasa is a gorgeous 5-bedroom beachfront property cascading down a hillside slope on several levels. At the very top, an iconic Thai style pointed roof serves as its crown extending out into a reflection pond terrace. The following level holds a gleaming infinity pool and next to that is an expansive lawn stretching all the way to the beach and the waters of the Andaman sea.

Its beauty is a true reflection of its name, a Sanskrit word that means “radiance”. The interiors will wrap you in an atmosphere of refreshing white, teal, and blue, seemingly depicting the hues of the breathtaking sea and sky which you can view in just about any room you step into. Vikasa also offers fun-filled activities courtesy of its games room with pool table, football facility, and kayaks. A dedicated staff which includes a villa manager and a private chef is ready to serve its guests.


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