Wossa honored as Austria’s Best Premium Water by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Luxury Lifestyle Awards, globally renowned for celebrating excellence in luxury, is excited to declare Wossa, the natural spring water from Austria, a recipient of the Best Premium Water in Austria category.

Wossa originates in the picturesque Lavant Valley of Carinthia, Austria, situated among stunning mountains at an altitude of 1110 meters. Within this setting, enveloped by rugged marble rock, Wossa undergoes natural filtration over the course of years, developing its remarkably gentle and pristine essence. This special locale imparts Wossa with a distinctive flavor profile, distinguished by its delicacy, vitality, and freshness.

Wossa distinguishes itself with an exceptionally low total dissolved solids (TDS) content, measuring just 13mg/l. This minimal mineral content renders Wossa delightfully gentle on the taste buds, contrasting with other spring waters that may feel heavy due to an abundance of minerals. The natural presence of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates enriches Wossa’s flavor, enhancing its refreshing taste and harmonious composition.

Wossa maintains its pure taste through untouched natural processes, avoiding artificial filtration methods. Hand-bottled directly at the source within a bespoke facility, Wossa epitomizes artisanal water production. Gravity guides the spring water effortlessly into the bottling area, eliminating the need for mechanical pumps.

More than just hydration, Wossa provides a holistic sensory journey. Its distinct character shines through in its engaging first-person communication, encouraging consumers to connect with its youthful and fresh essence. The sleek glass bottle, crafted with a wooden cap and paper label, exudes elegance and enhances the tactile pleasure of pouring Wossa.

The company places a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship by completely avoiding the use of plastic. Wossa is exclusively available in glass bottles and, more recently, in recycled aluminum cans.

Derived from a preserved spring located on a 300-year-old homestead, Wossa’s lineage is firmly grounded in sustainable principles. The area surrounding the spring has remained untouched by agricultural activities for generations and is carefully maintained in adherence to ecological and biological standards.

CEO Rainer Hofmeister says of his accolade, “Winning this award is a tremendous honor for the entire Wossa team,” he continues, “It validates our dedication to sharing the unique taste of Austria’s most valuable natural treasures. We are committed to providing a luxurious and sustainable water experience that elevates every sip.”

Wossa’s recognition at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards underscores its relentless pursuit of outstanding quality, unmatched flavor, and steadfast dedication to sustainability. Each sip of Wossa transports you to the core of the Austrian Alps, delivering a refreshing and indulgent experience for everyone to savor.

To learn more, visit their website: https://wossa.life/?lang=en