Yachting in Phuket – Luxury Yacht Charter

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and packed with smaller islands and islets that range from party paradises to isolated and deserted tropical beaches. And the best way to discover the magnificence of Thailand’s wealthiest province? The answer is yachting in Phuket.

It would be a shame to spend your vacation on one of the world’s most beautiful islands and not being able to explore all the wonders that it has to offer. Phuket is Southeast Asia’ premiere sailing and yachting center, not just for its vast offerings of islands to explore, but also for its perfect sailing weather and water conditions that allow gentle cruising all year round.

What to expect when chartering yachts in Phuket?

Selection of Yachts

MY-Zephyros-58'-(4)Several yacht charter companies are available on the beautiful island, offering a broad range of yacht selections that provide spectacular island hopping itineraries for tourists.

Yachts range from 4-seater and 23-foot speedboats to 8-seater sports cruisers, to luxury yachts that offer the same accommodation and service of 5-star hotels. An 85-feet yacht can accommodate 35 guests for a day cruise while a 76-foot yacht can carry 20 guests for a day charter or 8 guests for an overnight excursion.

Whether you want a short, 4-hour island hopping itinerary to shorter distance islands or 3 nights on the Andaman Sea, Phuket’s vast range of yachts has something for every type of excursion or celebration.

Types of Charter

You can rent out a boat for a day trip that ranges from 4 hours or an 8-hour trip that starts at 9 am and ends at 5 pm. Join Day Charters are also a more economical option, where guests can join a group of other tourists on a single yacht.

Overnight charters range from 1 night and 2-day tours that start at 9 am and end at 5 pm the next day, or a 3-night and 2-day excursion.

Islands You Can Explore

There are countless inhabited and deserted islands splattered all across the Andaman Sea and in close proximity to Phuket. Here are the top islands to visit for your yacht charter:

  1. Phang Nga Bay – Hands down, the most popular and the most visited group of islands in Phuket and the whole of Thailand for that matter, Phang Nga Bay is the star attraction of the island. There are over 100 islands with different geological features along the bay, ranging from low, sloping hills to breathtaking limestone pinnacles that reach to unprecedented heights from the bottom of the sea. Majestic and simply breathtaking, the bay is definitely the top priority in any yacht charter itinerary.
  2. Koh Lanta and Koh Rok Nok Islands – Located to the south of Phuket, these islands are famous for their stunning scenery, underwater life, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and small forests. Ancient fertility carvings at the Emerald Cave are a definite must-visit if you fancy archeology and human history.
  3. Islands near Krabi – Koh Hong, a beautiful piece of island in Krabi, is the perfect epitome of a deserted island paradise. Uninhabited and truly devoid of modern life, it is the best place to have an intimate picnic and swim session with a small group of friends or a romantic afternoon date for two.
  4. Similan Islands – A stark contrast to the pinnacles of Phang Nga Bay and a peculiar little island that provides its own set of beauty and splendor, Similan Islands are well known for their crystal clear waters and legendary coral reefs – making the area a favorite among scuba divers and snorkelers. Whale sharks, Black Marlin, and Mantas are among the beautiful marine life that can be found in its waters.
  5. Phi Phi Islands – And of course, who can ever miss out one of the most spectacular tropical places on earth? The Phi Phi Islands became world famous after it was used as a location for Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, The Beach. Located south of Krabi and east of Phuket, the island group features breathtaking vertical cliffs that create stunning lagoons endowed by rock walls. A trip to Phuket is never complete without visiting these islands.
  6. Racha Islands – A true blue tropical paradise, its world famous for its white sandy beaches that feel and look like talcum powder.

Marinas in Phuket

Do these island descriptions bring out the tropical traveler in you? Phuket’s marinas house the island’s hundred of yachts – both private and commercial. If you’re looking for a yacht charter company, these marinas are the definite places to go to.

Here are 4 of the island’s premier marinas:

  1. Yacht Haven Marina Phuket – Located in Cape Phrao, which is located to the north of the town of Phuket, it can accommodate boats that range from 6 to 60 feet in length. Set in a prime location, it is only a short drive away from the Phuket International Airport, as well as in close distance to world class hotels and golf courses. It is also one of the country’s select few marinas that offer complete services, where yacht owners get to have any necessary work done by expert technicians.
  2. Ao Po Grand Marina – Located strategically at the entrance of Phang Nga Bay, the Ao Po Grand Marina can accommodate yachts up to 80 feet in length, offers 24-hour access, and zero tide restrictions. And the best part about this marina? It has spectacular views of the Bay and direct proximity to the incredible limestone pinnacles.
  3. Royal Phuket Marina – Asia’s most sophisticated and most extensive yachting infrastructure, the Royal Phuket Marina can accommodate 100 vessels that range from 10 to 35 feet in length. It has easy access to Phang Nga Bay and set on a 30-hectare property with half of it dedicated to leisure facilities. There are villas, penthouses, and condos on the waterfront, with exclusive villas that feature direct docks. All you need to do to reach your boat is go out of the door, walk a few steps down, and you’re on your yacht.
  4. Boat Lagoon Marina – Located in proximity to the Royal Phuket Marina at Koh Kaew, this marina offers full services and was the first ever marina complex on the island. Among the services, the marina offers are a dry stock storage and the expertise of specialized technicians and engineers that are available on-site.

A yacht charter in Phuket has never been as luxurious and as accessible as it is today. Take advantage of the extensive range of yachts and charters to make your Phuket vacation a truly unforgettable experience.