The Bentley Bentayga is Set to Change the Standards of SUV’s in 2016

Taking class to an entirely new level, the new Bentley Bentayga is set to change the standards of SUV’s in the industry. Conceived and crafted to reach a new era of luxury and performance, the newest addition to the Bentley fleet of luxury vehicles features unprecedented power, speed, and efficiency.

The SUV’s official debut is currently at the International Motor Show in Germany, with its official date of sale set in early 2016. It is a 4-seat, 5-door vehicle, with a 600hp, and W-12 engine. With an optimum speed of 187 mph and a 4-second transition from 0-60mph, it is set to be the most powerful and fastest SUV ever.

Its interiors are the classic example of Bentley’s commitment and dedication to ultimate refinement. Its interior surface area are made of hand-selected metal, wood veneers, and leather, and its front seats have a 22-angle adjustability and a whopping 6-program massage system.

The dash features a headsteep display and infrared, night vision technology and a high-tech predictive navigation system – all equipped to provide the best in driver safety. The front seats also have an 8-inch touch screen entertainment system featuring a 60-gigabyte hard drive, operable in 30 different languages.

For the back seats, a removable 10.2″ tab with an Android-based operating system is available for passengers to enjoy. Cabin features also include an 18-speaker stereo system, and panoramic glasses that fill out 60% of the roof.

Approximate price for the Bentayga is set to be around $200,000, with about 3-4000 units estimated to be produced in the following year. Four, 5, and 7-seat configurations are currently being made, as well as diesel & hybrid versions are set to be made available.

Options for personalization are on offer, which is in line with Bentley’s commitment to providing Bespoke details. The Bentayga is specially created to reach speed, performance, and class that no other SUV has ever reached before. With ground-breaking technology, innovation at its very best, and cutting edge engineering, the Bentayga by Bentley is set to spearhead a new generation of top class and high-performance SUV’s. (