8 Emerging Home Decor & Design Trends Influenced by the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has totally changed the way people all over the world work and live. Surviving through a period of significant restrictions when homes literally became people’s entire universe, has led to the development of a different mindset to what is required from their living spaces. With new demands on all of them, it’s time to reevaluate what is of the highest priority and adjust the design and decor of every home for improved functionality and efficiency without compromising on style.

  1. Compartmentalization is Essential

With the home now having to fulfill more functions than ever, the open-plan concept is no longer a practical option. Consumers are demanding separate areas for home offices, gyms, studies, wellness, and outdoor recreation. This multi-purpose functionality can be achieved with the issue of elements like room dividers, decorative screening, indoor plants, and customized furniture.

  1. The Home Office is Here to Stay

Throughout the pandemic, it has been proved globally that remote working can be successful, even within corporate environments. With this in mind, the home office has become a necessity in many homes to help maintain a happy work-home balance. There has been a strong trend towards consumers looking for quality office furniture and stylish decor to create a space for a positive working experience.

  1. A Personal Connection to Designers

Handcrafted objects created with the artist’s signature, handprint or some sort of marking are highly in demand. There is a growing tendency for consumers to want products with a connection to their maker with a desire for unique items with tactile surfaces to express their individual style.

  1. Simplicity is the Way Forward

Consumers are yearning for a stripped-down lifestyle and are moving away from clutter and over-consumption. This new movement takes inspiration from design that is accessible, sustainable and life-enhancing with a nostalgic desire for days when life was simpler and less stressful. At the heart of the process, there’s an emphasis on mindfulness combined with an appreciation for authentic pieces.

  1. Bringing the Outdoors in

There is an increasing desire to be more interconnected with the outdoors as an effective way of boosting mental and physical health. Practical considerations like introducing large windows and doors to increase natural lighting and decorating with greenery and colors inspired by nature, are effective ways of achieving this goal. Earthy textures and natural surfaces complete the refreshing, al fresco feel.

  1. Natural Textures and Hues

This is all about using rougher materials and finishing them in a refined way. Wood, leather, and ceramics are woven together with refined materials like silk, wool, metal, and stone in a range of natural colors following the latest trends.

  1. Mood Enhancement

In times of stress, it’s vital to create a mindful, calming, and happy place at home. Neutral, earthy, and cool colors offer a sense of tranquility while warmer hues of yellow and orange can help to energize and raise any mood in trying times.

  1. Expert Design Services

More and more homeowners are turning to professional decor and design services to help create an individual space that is tailor-made to their unique tastes and needs. There’s a tendency to higher spending on the home with consumers willing to invest more into creating their own sanctuary. This makes the use of an interior designer more essential.

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