Transforming Visions into Reality with Award-winning Iroko Interior Design Studio

Cutting-edge design and attention to personalized customer service have made Iroko Interior Design Studio into a ground-breaking studio with a reputation for developing a wide range of truly incredible building projects. This is why Iroko Interior Design Studio has been awarded in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Nigeria by the experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

The company’s vision emanates from CEO Ayanda Carter who was born and trained in South Africa and has now embraced life in Nigeria. With ten years of experience in interior design, she has developed a reputation as something of a design guru. Her philosophy rests on taking inspiration from her clients’ innermost visions and translating their dreams into life, offering exceptional personal service and a complete design and management package.

Iroko Interior Design Studio is known for producing award-winning design and architectural services to a wide range of clientele, specializing in custom designs across both residential and commercial projects. This has resulted in an impressive portfolio of diverse projects in Nigeria and around the world, including South Africa, Ethiopia, the UK, and the USA. For each of these ventures, the company provides a full selection of interior design services including architectural and interior design, color consultation, and furniture selection.

The award-winning studio prides itself on its comprehensive three-step approach. The first stage involves creating the conceptual design that results in a highly desirable space that fulfills the necessary functionality to perfection. They then take the process further with an integrated service ensuring everything is developed to the highest possible standard. And finally, there’s the sophisticated 3D visualization which delivers the total masterplan using the most recent design technology and ultimately leads to the creation of vibrant new spaces.

The company is driven by a quest for excellence and customer satisfaction across government, corporate and residential projects. Their core specialty is in bespoke designs across turnkey residential and commercial projects. One of their latest ventures, which is currently under construction, is the Tree House restaurant which is located in the Abuja Central Park development. The unique design encompasses stylish wooden flooring and wall paneling with buffalo leather seating. Strategically placed mirrors, clever backlighting and a vertical indoor wall garden complete the picture for a sensational space that both reflects its park setting and offers an extraordinary dining space.

Iroko Interior Design Studio aims to provide all customers with top-quality designs at affordable prices. They work closely with both clients and communities, listening closely to all requirements and solving problems along the way, both creatively and practically. This all results in the smooth execution of every project and culminating with an incredible final product that satisfies every client’s desires for their dream space.