Amanemu, Japan

The rural setting of the Osaki peninsula in Japan’s southwest coast makes for the perfect location of Amanemu, the Aman Resort’s 2nd location in the country.

Perched on a hilltop overlooking the Ago Bay, also known as the Bay of Pearls, the serene setting boasts of luxurious amenities synonymous with the Aman brand.

Amanemu sets itself apart from all the other Aman locations as it embraces the ancient Japanese bathing tradition of the onsen. The tradition uses nutrient-rich thermal springs to relax, rejuvenate, and to bring out the contemplative nature of individuals.

Aman means “peace” in Sanskrit while Nemu means “joy” in Japanese. The entire aesthetic of the resort adopts the classic Japanese style of the Ryokan tradition, featuring distinctly minimalist details.

The location: Amanemu, located in the Ise-Shime National Park on the island of Honshu is the opposite contrast to Aman Tokyo, which is 300 km away, it’s the brand’s take on offering two sides of the coin for the ultimate Aman Japan experience.

While Aman Tokyo boasts of modern and urban dwellings, the Amanemu is a true rural escape, complete with jungle pathways, lush forestry surrounding the property, and incredible views of the bay.

The resort is also in proximity to ancient holy shrines, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage pilgrimage sites of Kumano Kodo.

Accommodation: There is a total of 24 suites at the resort, as well as a 4 to 2-bedroom villas. The suites consist of a 99 square meter space, a private terrace overlooking the waters, as well as a private onsen.

The villas include a 375 square meter area, a private onsen, a terrace, a kitchen, a powder room, and two bedrooms.

Amanemu Villa

Aman Spa: The spa is a massive 2000 square meter of space, featuring 2 large onsen bathing pavilions, 4 treatment suites, a watsu pool, a fully equipped fitness center, and a yoga studio.

Dining experience: The resort features a Japanese cuisine restaurant that celebrates the area’s gourmet heritage, with the region being formerly known as the breadbasket of the ancient Imperial Court.

The restaurant serves Matsusaka Waggu, one of Japan’s most renowned dishes, as well as fresh seafood sourced from the bay. A Western menu is also on offer, featuring dishes from Italy to Spain, and consisting of a general Mediterranean cuisine.

Other amenities: The resort also features a 33-meter heated outdoor pool, fringed by daybeds, while overlooking the forest and that of the Ago Bay.

Experiences around the resort include hiking in ancient pilgrimage routes, as well as visiting some of Japan’s most sacred shrines. Some of these shrines are a short distance from the resort, such as the Naiku Shrine, which is devoted to the goddess of the sun; as well as the Geku Shrine, which is dedicated to the deity of food, shelter, and clothing.

Amanemu is due to open on March 1, 2016.