The AMAN Resorts, Hotels, & Residences

Aman is a group of ultra exclusive and luxurious hotels, resorts, and residences around the world, renowned for offering guests with transformative experiences while boasting breathtaking and awe-inspiring locations. Aman is known to be a favorite of celebrities, business tycoons, and royalty, due to their impeccable attention to detail, secluded and intimate locations, and undeniably unrivaled experiences in exotic locales.

Aman is known for selecting retreats in locations that have undeniable natural beauty. Some of the specifications of these places include unobstructed ocean views, access to private beaches, lush jungles, and accessible to the local’s warm hospitality.

The entire concept of the resorts revolves around creating an atmosphere similar to visiting a friend, but one with exquisite taste. And thus, the use of elevators or front desks are nowhere to be found in any of the resorts.

The Aman Destinations:

Today, there are 31 resorts, hotels, and private residences owned by the Aman Resorts in 20 countries all over the world including the East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa, and the US and the Caribbean.

Southeast Asia – There are 10 Aman resorts found in this part of the world, which include the Amandari in Ubud Bali, set in the jungle; as well as the Amanpulo, located on a private island in the Pamalican Island of Palawan, Philippines; as well as the original Amanpuri in Phuket, Thailand. Other locations include Amansara, Amanoi, Amanwana, Amankila, Amanusa, Amanjiwo, and Amantaka.

East Asia – There are five locations in East Asia, which include the Aman Summer Palace, which is interestingly located close to Beijing’s most important historical dwellings. Other resorts found in East Asia include Amandayan, Amanfayun, Aman Tokyo, and Amanemu.

South Asia – Five resorts are established in South Asia, highlighted by the Amanbagh located at Alwar, Rajasthan, India. Set in the wilderness, guests get to enjoy a secluded oasis in domed cupolas with private courtyards. Aman-i-khas, Amankora, Amangalla, and Amanwella are also found in the South Asia destination.

US and Caribbean – There are five resorts found in the US and the Caribbean which include the Amangiri in Lake Powell, Utah. The resort offers a remote mountain-style luxury experience, offering a peaceful retreat right in the middle of the Four Corners, which consist of the states of Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. Other resorts found in the US and the Caribbean are Amangani, Amanyara, and Amanera.

Europe and Africa – Six resorts are found in Europe and Africa, which include Aman Venice, at Canal Grande, Venice, Italy. Guests get to experience the authentic Venice lifestyle by arriving at the hotel by boat on the grand canal. Other resorts in these continents are Aman Sveti Stefan, Amanzoe, Amanruya, Aman Le Melezin, and Amanjena.

The Executives & Leadership:

Chairman – Vladislav Doronin
Chief Financial Officer – Michel Checoury
Managing Director Real Estate Development – Irene Hoek
Head of Design, Construction & Technical Services – Miguel Ruano
Managing Director, Strategy & Asset Management – Shan Tjio
Managing Director, Operations – Ferdinand Wortelboer
General Counsel – Jonathan Cole


Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (65) 6715 8855 * (Singapore)
Tel: (1) 754 216 7830 ** (USA)