Amanpulo Resort – A Private Island Resort in the Philippines

The Amanpulo Resort in the Philippines is a private island exclusive resort located on the Sulu Sea. A high end and remote island retreat, it is located northwest of the Palawan islands, and part of the Cuyo group of islands.

Aman stands for “peace” in Sanskrit, and pulo means “island” in Filipino, which translates Amanpulo as “peaceful island.” True to its unique name, the island resort is the only one on Pamilacan Island, which is 5 km long and 500 meters across.

Imagine pristine, white sand beaches, untouched lush forestry, and 5-star amenities and superior customer service.

The island has a private airstrip dedicated to welcome guests, who must travel to the NAIA Airport in Manila to hop on the resort’s private plane. The only way to reach the island is by a 70-minute plane ride from NAIA, where private charter planes operate.


There are a total of 40 casitas and 11 villas at the resort.

Casitas are free standing rooms located in different parts of the island, offering different views and features. All the casitas are likened to the Filipino “Bahay Kubo” (natural dwelling), with timber frames and pitched roofs. Two of the Casitas feature a private plunge room.

Beach Casitas are located right on the beach, with beautiful views of the waters and direct private entrance to pristine white sands. Treetop Villas offer beautiful treetop views while the deluxe hillside villas offer superior views of the sea. The hillside casitas are elevated with beautiful views of the sea.

The villas are also peppered across the island, featuring one, two, or 4 bedrooms, with private swimming pools, a dedicated chef, and personal butler. The villas are perfect for groups or families since they provide a luxury home away from home atmosphere.

Each casita and villa include a private buggy to make it easier for guests to roam around the island and the main resort property.


The private resort offers a wide range of excursions and activities for guests. Cruises are available for their large fleet of boats that allow guests to explore the beautiful Sulu Sea. Water activities include scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, and others that are perfect for novices and advanced watermen.


The resort features a wellness spa situated on a hillside above the trees to offer breathtaking views and the warm breeze of the tropical island. A must try is the spa’s traditional Hilot massage, with is an age-old Filipino massage technique. A fully equipped gym is also available at the resort, as well as a yoga and meditation studio.


Since the resort is the only property on the island, dining options are limited within the confines of the boutique resort. The Clubhouse Restaurant offers Asian and continental cuisine, while the Beach Club offers light snacks and drinks, as well as meals right on the beach.

The Kawayan Bar is a must-try in the resort, which is a bamboo platform raft that floats on the waters as guests snorkel around while a bartender prepares cocktails and other drinks.

The Amanpulo Resort is perfect for honeymooners, couples, as well as families who wish to relax and unwind in the most private and luxurious way possible. Staying at the Amanpulo is the stuff of dreams – perfect sunsets, beautiful and soft white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, unparalleled service, and ultimate privacy.

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