Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

A vegan, plant-based, or vegetarian lifestyle is a choice many willingly make for health or personal reasons. Fortunately, many restaurants are opening worldwide that cater to this specific lifestyle. And for good reasons, because cutting meat and animal products out of your diet is not only good for your health but also the planet. 

Aside from these benefits, there are plenty of fascinating flavors and creative vegan recipes to try. In Singapore, restaurants are starting to offer everything from meat-free burgers to cheesecakes made from cashew cream.

If your hotel or resort accommodation doesn’t serve your dietary requirements and you want a glimpse of Singapore’s best vegan and vegetarian restaurants and eatery, you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to talk about them. 

1. Cultivate Cafe

Photo: Quandoo

Cultivate Cafe is a must-visit for vegans and vegetarians traveling to Singapore. This Cafe is purely plant-based, GMO-free, and gluten-free. It takes inspiration from authentic kitchens from around the world and specializes in dishes made from ingredients that have been sourced from small family farms. 

Cultivate Cafe is located in Maxwell Reserve Hotel and is ideal for visitors looking for a quaint spot to unwind and eat delicious food. With its charming library-themed setting, guests will love sipping their freshly pressed organic juice while surrounded by shelves of books. They also serve sandwiches, salads, superfood earth bowls, soups, and vegan cheese platter, among other delicious treats.

2. Love Handle

Photo: Her World Singapore

Love Handle is the first plant-based butcher in Asia with the most extensive curation of plant-based meats and dairy, which makes it to the list of must-visits whether or not you’re a plant-based eater. This butchery reimagines a world where delicious meat can be possible without any bloodshed. We’re talking about smoked silvers of brisket, sausage patties, unagi fillets, beef wellingtons, and raw meatballs.

Love Handle’s joint in Ann Siang Hill provides not only these flavor-packed meats but also an authentic experience similar to any butcher counter: from a glass counter filled with different cuts of meats to a live cutting, weighing, and packaging of said meats. The butchery also serves burgers, mains, and munchies with their in-house creations alongside leading industry brands like Impossible and TiNDLE. Bestsellers include Impossibro Wellington, Mee Sua with Ginger Soy Chicken, and Mushroom Swiss. 

3. VeganBurg

Photo: Vulcan Post

VeganBurg is one of the world’s first 100% plant-based burger joints, inspiring a global plant-based revolution. Burger lovers will delight in the abundance of flavorful vegan burger patties made mainly of soy and mushroom. For anyone looking for healthier alternatives but cannot resist an excellent fashioned burger, VeganBurg has wholemeal buns. They also have many more nutritious options, including lettuce wrap and a side of broccoli instead of fries. 

Their bestsellers include the Avocado-Beetroot Burger, Char-Grilled Satay, and Chili Grab. They also offer vegan egg and vegan bacon, as well as classic desserts that are also guilt-free and vegan.

4. Afterglow by Anglow


Afterglow serves an entirely plant-based menu, using nutritious alternatives instead of standard carbs. For customers looking for healthier and cleaner options, Afterglow’s products are plant-based, free from gluten, preservatives, refined sugar, and artificial flavoring. Their recipes are also customizable to fit any dietary needs and preferences as everything is prepared as they are ordered.

Located at Keong Saik Road, this spot offers an evolving menu of vegetarian, mostly raw, plant-based food for its patrons and visitors. Some of the signature dishes include the Cuban Burger, Kimchi Avo Rolls, Raw Lasagne, and Raw Cheesecake made from cashew cream on cashew crust. 

5. NomVnom

Photo: Vegan Fast Food

NomVnom is another unique vegan fast-food chain with over 20 different vegan burgers, with patties made from vegetables, soy, tempeh, jackfruit, or potatoes. They have three locations across Singapore, each one offering a diverse menu. 

A few of the most popular burgers include the Beetroot Hummus Burger consisting of a mushroom-based patty, and the Terrific Light Burger, which has a patty made of cauliflower. NomVnom also serves bunless burgers, soups, udon and rice bowls, pasta, and meat-free pizza. They also offer a variety of refreshing beverages and delectable desserts. 

6. Herbivore


Herbivore serves pure vegetarian cuisine and is perfect for anyone with an affinity for Japanese food. Its food is specially crafted to offer various choices using fresh and organic ingredients. 

Everyone from curious visitors to long-time vegans and vegetarians will love Herbivore’s Udon, Soba, Tonkatsu, Donburi, Nabe, Sushi, and Sashimi – all made from plant-based ingredients. Herbivore is located in Bugis; customers usually come before noon to avoid the crowds at lunchtime. The restaurant uses iPads to preview its menu for an easy and convenient customer ordering experience.

7. Annalakshmi

Photo: Open Table

Annalakshmi is a hidden gem in Central Square and has some of the best Indian vegetarian meals, including home-style curries, bread, rice dishes, and the ever-refreshing lassi.

They also have an eat what you want, pay what you want concept where customers can either order the food they want or proceed to the area where the food is laid out buffet-style. At the end of their stay, patrons and visitors can leave however much they thought their meal was worth. Volunteers run Annalakshmi, and the proceeds of the restaurant go to charity. 

8. The Living Café

Photo: Unreserved Media

The Living Café is a special mention in this list. It is located in Bukit Timah, a district in Singapore where tourists can explore and see attractions. Though The Living Café is not strictly vegetarian, its menu offers plenty of raw, plant-based, and vegetarian options with clear dietary labels.

This restaurant also serves dishes free of dairy, preservatives, artificial additives, and refined sugars. Most of their customers go back for their wholesome and vegetable-forward dishes. Some signature meals include the build-your-own taco boats with raw walnut meat, guacamole, and mango salsa. They also serve vegan roasted broccoli mushroom pizza and several raw cheesecakes and chocolates for customers with sweet tooth.

Featured Image: Roman Odinstov