Discover the World’s Finest Luxury Caviar from Hong Kong’s The Royal Caviar Club

When it comes to entertaining and serving the utmost in luxurious cuisine, caviar has to be right at the top of everyone’s list. This incredible delicacy is revered worldwide for its unique taste and texture. 

The Royal Caviar Club in Hong Kong has established itself as a preferred caviar supplier of the highest quality. It also provides access to many other exclusive products, including premium champagne and luxury accessories. They are committed to constantly sourcing the best they can find through their careful selection process and ensuring everything is beautifully packed. For its dedication to the highest standards and exclusivity, Royal Caviar Club has been selected by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as the winner of the Best Luxury Caviar in the World.

The company is represented by Russian-born Oxana Dragun, widely known as ‘The Caviar Lady.’ It began as a project fired by the passion for premium quality products between a small group of gourmet lovers from a range of different cultures. This vision and diversity of experience mean the club has been able to source a unique selection of some of the World’s finest delicacies. Oxana is an acclaimed expert in caviar culture with the skills and in-depth knowledge needed to promote this exclusive product.

The caviar for Royal Caviar Club is produced on farms using traditional Iranian and Russian techniques. It is harvested from a limited number of premier sturgeons farmed in large lakes and rivers using eco-friendly, sustainable farming practices while also following seasonality. It is then manually processed with a dozen steps performed by caviar masters. The process includes retrieving the ovary, roe selection, washing, dipping, and salting. Which must all be completed in a cool environment in the shortest possible time to ensure the roes remain as fresh as possible.

Royal Caviar Club is proud to exclusively offer A-Grade caviar, which they source from the best farms globally. It is then treated carefully to ensure that each tin contains only a tiny amount of oil and salt. The caviar is also 100% preservative-free to guarantee the highest quality product every time. Furthermore, Royal Caviar Club prides itself on its farm-to-table policy. Each tin comes complete with a CITES certificate and full documentation to assure customers the product is only of the highest quality while also being ethically produced.

Royal Caviar Club offers an extensive list of caviar for clients to choose from. The selection includes Royal Cristal Gold, large golden beads with a smooth buttery finish, and Superior Sturgeon with its light and dark brown medium beads and remarkable creamy texture. And sitting proudly on top of the caviar hierarchy, Imperial Iranian Beluga has soft grey beads bursting with their unique, powerful flavor and delivering a robust aftertaste. All products can be delivered directly to any customer within the bounds of Hong Kong.

To complete the caviar experience to its fullest, a bottle of the finest of Champagne provides the perfect partner. It complements the caviar’s flavors with its sweetness and bubbles. Royal Caviar Club can partner with the correct Champagne to match every client’s particular caviar choice and enhance their enjoyment of this most refined gourmet foods.

There is no doubt that Royal Caviar Club offers the World’s finest selection of caviar available in the Hong Kong marketplace. They pride themselves on their pioneering attitude with a quest to educate people about their exclusively unique product while also understanding its health benefits and the best ways to sample caviar, too. The company is also always investigating new ways to serve caviar and create new products like their innovative Caviar Mille Feuille. In Hong Kong’s world of caviar, Royal Caviar Club is king and the well-deserved recipient of this prestigious award.

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