A Community-Based Luxury Property Development on Amami Island by Atelier TEKUTO

While creating stylish new developments, the architectural team at Atelier TEKUTO prides itself on exploring existing social structures and establishing collaborative relationships within the community in its quest to build in harmony with the area. This strategy gave experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards a reason to award Atelier TEKUTO the Best Luxury Resort Architecture in Japan 2022 for its project with DenPaku Hotels and 2 Waters. Both projects are examples of exceptional luxury development demonstrating Atelier TEKUTO’s dedication to building healthy communities on Amami Island. 

Atelier TEKUTO was founded in 1991 by President and Representative Director Yasuhiro Yamashita, born in Amami, Oshima. The area was appointed a Natural Heritage site in July 2021 because of its incredible natural beauty and rich cultural importance. However, many traditional villages there had degenerated into decay, with many houses abandoned and the local community harmed by over-tourism. Acutely aware of this situation, Yamashita decided to revive the community by creating a mutually satisfactory environment to suit everyone’s needs and encourage sustained growth in the region, which has its roots dating back to the 7th century. 

To this end, the multi-faceted team of architects at Atelier TEKUTO has renovated older buildings to boost the area. As a result, it is now home to restaurants, a good market, plenty of accommodation, and a senior citizens facility. This development has connected locals, including the elderly and children, with the tourists while providing jobs for over 70 people. To ensure the company generates adequate funds to support its community-based activities, Atelier TEKUTO has created high-end luxury resorts at DenPaku.

DenPaku The Beachfront MIJORA opened in 2019 in the northern part of Amami Oshima. Set in stunning natural surroundings, it offers the ultimate sanctuary for guests with its elegant, minimal design and exceptional service. The superb guest rooms have a single pane of glass between them and the sea, providing the perfect horizon view. Furthermore, the private wooden decks have stairs leading straight down to the sandy beach, a short walk below. 

Next door to DenPaku, the 2 Waters development opened in April 2021 as a dedicated reception area for The Beachfront MIJORA. It is also home to a bar, gourmet restaurant, and sparkling infinity pool. It is recognized for its cuisine, using fresh local ingredients and inventive cocktails served at the stunning bar overlooking the ocean. The 2 Waters development is a fabulous award-winning addition to the stylish DenPaku resort, which proudly plays its part in sustaining the diverse culture of the islands. 

“We would like to thank the expert judges at Luxury Lifestyle Awards for rewarding us with awards at two of our prestigious resort developments. Sustaining village culture is a crucial part of our vision for the future, and we are doing this in conjunction with building strong relationships with visitors to the islands. We are highly committed to offering the best service and facilities to all our potential clients while remembering the importance of the environment and society. This takes dedication and focus, and it is gratifying to have this acknowledged from such a respected quarter,” Yasuhiro Yamashita, President, and Representative Director, Atelier TEKUTO.

To learn more about Atelier TEKUTO and its impressive developments on Amami Island, visit www.tekuto.com/en/.