Soneva Kiri

Imagine a luxury resort deep within the rainforest of a tropical island – the Soneva Kiri is an exclusive island luxury resort that’s everything you can ever dream of in a rustic and enchanting tropical vacation.

Located on the island of Koh Kood, which is Thailand’s 4th largest island and least populated, the resort offers the best of both worlds. The villas and private residences are either located on the beach or a cliffside, each offering their breathtaking takes on views and amenities that are truly world class.

Surrounded by pristine beaches or the lush foliage of the island’s pristine jungle, Soneva Kiri is a true commune with nature done in the most glamorous way possible.

The Villas and Residences

A total of 24 spacious villas and 11 private residences are on offer at the resort. You can choose from 1 bedroom villas to a full 6-bedroom private residence. Each of the villas feature a personal butler, a personal buggy to get around the resort with ease, an infinity swimming pool, custom fabrics and linens, air conditioning, large outdoor lounging and dining spaces, Bose sound systems, WiFi, satellite TV, iPod docking station, an espresso machine, as well as outdoor showers.

Beachfront villas provide guests with their very own small private beach, which are only a few steps away from the outdoor lounge space and the pool. For cliffside villas, unparalleled views of the Gulf of Thailand, as well as the embrace of surrounding trees, offer the perfect views from the glass windows.

Philosophy and General Style

The resort has a unique SLOWLIFE philosophy, which stands for Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wellness, Learning, Fun, Experiences. Every detail in the resort revolves around this philosophy, which is evident in the rustic design characteristic of every structure, which are all carefully crafted from recycled wood.


Soneva Kiri’s dining experiences are out of this world – with the commitment to create dining experiences that rival the world’s major cities in terms of cuisine and offering authentically unforgettable settings, dining at the resort is a destination all on its own.

The most unique experience is probably the Treepod Dining. Bamboo pods are perched high in the trees, offering individual private spaces with spectacular views of the sea. Guests are hoisted up high into the rainforest, where personal waiters arrive through zipline – making it a definite dining must.

The resort’s revered ice cream and chocolate parlour is located at So Spirited, a poolside bar that offers over 60 homemade ice cream and sorbet flavors, and a wide array of chocolate offerings and cocktails.

The Benz’s is another definite must at the resort, which can only be reached by boat and passing through mangroves. Other dining experiences include The View – a cliffside resto; The Beach – where tables and chairs are placed right on the sand of the resort’s private and pristine white sand beach; and the Dining Room – the resort’s main restaurant which also hosts the daily buffet breakfast, complete with its very own ham and cheese room.


The resort has a number of unique experience offerings such as the outdoor theater over a lagoon called the Cinema Paradiso- where guests can dine under the cascading bamboo amphitheater; the Observatory, where guests can stargaze under the island’s fresh and clear sky; and of course, the Den – the resort’s impressive bamboo playground for kids ages 12 months to teenagers.

With a private plane transfer from Bangkok, and an endless array of luxurious offerings and amenities, Soneva Kiri is a true tropical paradise with all the comforts of a luxury hotel and a private luxury villa. (