Creating Your Own Luxury Villa Retreat Program

A quiet, private place where you can stand back from the hubbub of life and truly, mindfully and deeply relax and reconnect with yourself and the world around you.

A villa retreat is a breath of fresh air for the mind, body and beyond; a precious moment in time to reconfigure, revitalize, and ultimately reboot.


Nature’s Own Retreat

Places like Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia are perfect villa rental retreat holiday destinations. Breathtaking natural beauty; castaway white sand beaches; sparkling turquoise waters stretching out to an endless horizon; jungle landscapes of rich green beauty; and a sense of space and timeless energy.


Your Own Private Retreat Setting

Away from the mill of other tourist groups, in your own luxury home-away-from-home, and with your own personal in-villa staff and concierge, the villa vacation is a natural choice for anyone seeking a tranquil space to call their own. Here, you can fall into your own natural rhythm, away from others, and value the freedom to create your own villa retreat; an experience that inspires balance and wellbeing, dissipating the stresses and strains of real-life pressures.


To maximize your villa retreat vacation, follow our golden rules for relaxation:


Digital Detox: While you may not want to completely tune out and drop off the digital landscape, if your devices are like an added appendage then limit your screen and make your villa bedroom a no-device zone. When you constantly connected you are dealing with so many outside influences that it can leave you feeling wired and unable to switch off and truly relax.


Back to Basics (luxury style!): Read a good book, take time to really talk, and enjoy the beautiful simplicity villa life has to offer. Soak in a hot bath or a cool shower and enjoy the feel of the refreshing villa infinity pool as you take a dip. Enjoying the basics is not the same as settling for basic standards though – think how luxurious a deep tub can be, a soft day bed on a terrace, and a wonderful lunch with a view of the ocean.


Take Time To ‘Just Be’: Your villa holiday is the perfect opportunity to be in the moment and forget the past and the future. This mindful living is not only deeply relaxing but gives the mind creative space to breathe and expand. A big misconception is that meditation or simply embracing the moment is about doing nothing when in fact you may find that this inspires greater alertness; an awakening that gives your whole being a boost.


Keep Active: Lounging by your villa pool or taking a siesta is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries, but consider using any workout facilities in your villa to keep you body’s energy levels up otherwise you may feel sluggish. You can always book a private trainer or personal yoga session at your villa and work out in an open space with a magnificent vista.


Go With The Flow: Over plan your vacation and an action-packed schedule can start to feel like undue pressure. Give yourself time to follow your feelings and mood and keep some time open at least to see how each day unfolds. Spontaneity and not being tied into a daily plan can help create the space you need to really unwind.


Prepare For Your Stay: Whilst you may not want to plan too much, you do want to be prepared. Bring a good book with you and maybe a journal or notebook to jot down thoughts or creative ideas. Let staff and your personal concierge know if you have any special requirements that will make your stay more comfortable, enjoyable, and easy-going.


Dress Down Comfort: Cool linens, loose tops and an easy-to-wear vacation wardrobe can help you relax more easily. Aside from the odd dress-up outfit for an evening out, you really need holiday basics that feel good, such as flip flops and open sandals, great bathing wear, and nothing too tailored or tight fitting. Forget day and night and wear what you want when you want.


Eat Healthy Gourmet Foods: Whilst a retreat is not necessarily a detox, and more a holiday for total relaxation, healthy, energy giving foods are part of the feel-good factor. Think vibrant salads, fresh fruits and wonderful grilled fish with a clean menu of local ingredients and flavors. A retreat menu is about indulging in goodness not denying yourself what you enjoy.


Whatever a villa retreat means to you, luxurious villa rentals create the ideal setting to let go in style and relax in quality and comfort in some of the most beautiful luxury destinations in Southeast Asia.