5 Handy Travel Smartphone Apps for Jetsetters

Technology gives luxury holidays a boost with some sleek travel apps for jetsetters. Want to source the best vacation experiences, eat in the best restaurants, and travel in style? Smartphone apps are the gatekeepers to a world of luxury holiday information.

1. Zagat – First established nearly 40 years ago in New York, Zagat is the ultimate foodie guide with the best restaurants in 40 destinations worldwide. With a solid reputation, the restaurant review guide is now digital and rates eateries on a 30-point scale based on customer reviews. Luxury travelers can find the finest bistros and search for different types of cuisine and dining features.

The app also reviews where to shop and the nightlife scene. Editors summarize first-hand surveys and the app is fully integrated into Google Maps and Google Search. With access to over 30,000 restaurants, Zagat is an app you may be hungry to add to your smartphone. Available on Android and iOS. 

2. PrivateFly – Begin your vacation in VIP style with your private jet booked through the PrivateFly app or online website. Forget economy class and even upgrades on scheduled flights. Fly when you want, from where you want with global private aircraft hire providers PrivateFly. Aviation experts are on hand for your booking round the clock to offer free advice and recommendations.

Simply tap in your nearest airport, destination, and travel date and check availability and prices. PrivateFly brings over 2,700 private aircraft operators and 7,000 aircraft at your fingertips, with empty leg offers at reduced fares for booked flights heading out for a pickup. User-friendly, with immediate quotes, PrivateFly makes luxury travel easier in every way. Available on Android and iOS.

3. Uber – What is not to love about Uber? A cab app that whisks you away by private car to your destination exactly when you want is convenient and easy to use too. No standing around waiting for a ride or trying to track down a cab. From just tapping in your pickup location and journey details, you can track your driver en route and also see the planned tour with an estimated time of arrival. There is no messing around looking for a change to pay either as Uber works on an account and card or online payment setup. With all your details tapped in you can sit back and relax without even having to utter a word. You can rate your driver too which encourages excellent service.

The UberLUX service offers more legroom with an executive car, bottled water and magazines in the back. Passengers are escorted under an umbrella by the driver if it is rainy too. Available on Android and iOS.

4. Luxe City Guides – Swank and Frank, the Luxe City Guides are the ultimate luxury vacationer’s companion to what to see, where to shop and the best restaurants and bars in 25 city destinations across the globe. With offline guides and maps with directions, you can get around without having to be connected and use up valuable data roaming.  Updated by expert editors continuously, the guides use local knowledge to create interesting insights and recommendations, all written in an engaging, easy style.

Design and build your themed itineraries using the app, such as exploring a neighborhood or discovering great sights. Luxe City Guides are the perfect in-flight pre-holiday read, so you know the best places to go as soon as you arrive, with tools during your trip to help you get the most out of your stay. Available on Android and iOS.

5. World Lens – “See the world in your language.” World Lens is a clever augmented reality app that translates words into a language of your choice. First developed in 2010, the app developers have now joined Google to develop further, so watch this space. The handy tool is the perfect translator for any traveler who wants to explore the real depths of a place in its language.

The app seemingly magically recognizes characters and translates them in real time, allowing you to pause on specific words as well to check out alternative interpretations. There is a built-in dictionary too so you can tap in words for yourself. The app works offline which is perfect for exploring abroad in areas with no or limited Wi-Fi. You can even take photos of words which are then translated too. An easy translation tool for the communicative luxury traveler. Available on Android, iOS and Google Glass.