Crystal Design Center Bangkok: A World-class Design District for Luxurious Lifestyles

Crystal Design Center (CDC) was established ten years ago in Bangkok and immediately attracted attention with its unique combination of style, innovation, and hospitality. This ultra-modern neighborhood quickly gained popularity among connoisseurs of quality furniture and home decor as Asia’s most integrated design center. Its well-established image as a world-class center of high-quality design was reinforced by its recent victory in Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Shopping Malls in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2010, Asia’s largest design district called Crystal Design Center (CDC) appeared on the map of Bangkok. Located in the suburbs of Bangkok, not far from the Ekkamai – Ram Indra highway, it consists of 2 buildings, with a total area exceeding 12,000 square meters. At this unique venue, visitors can find interior, decorating, architecture, and construction items in a sophisticated and stylish setting.

Thanks to its extensive shopping opportunities, Crystal Design Center (CDC) has deservedly become an attractive destination for customers from various fields, including architects, designers, importers, exporters, and project owners. This location has already established itself as a one-stop shopping center for professionals and ordinary visitors looking for products related to architecture, modern construction, high-end furniture, and exquisite home décor. In addition, a visit to CDC allows each guest to learn about the latest innovations and the latest trends in design.

The CDC’s functionality is not limited to showcasing and distributing design-related items, is a source of information about design from worldwide. For anyone interested in design, Crystal Design Center can be a source of useful and up-to-date information from around the world. The CDC knowledge center provides a variety of information that will be useful to ordinary people looking for ways to turn their house into the home of their dreams, and to professionals looking to acquire new knowledge and skills and achieve professional excellence.

The clients of Crystal Design Center have ample opportunities to showcase their portfolios and products to buyers from Thailand and visitors to the country. CDC’s small boutiques and spacious showrooms are an ideal platform for marketing home decor, textiles, floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom accessories, and sanitary ware. In total, Crystal Design Center houses more than 300 stores featuring more than 5,000 brands in a wide array of categories. The CDC space incorporates lifestyle stores, product showrooms, services, restaurants, offices, and banks.

Visitors to Crystal Design Center have access to CDC Service, a comprehensive set of services designed to make a visit to the center as comfortable and efficient as possible. The CDC Service team helps to find the right store, decide on the best brands, find the best ideas and solutions for building construction or renovation, choice of materials, lighting, technology, and much more, free of charge. The CDC Service is available to any visitor of Crystal Design Center, and depending on their goals and desires, they will be guided through CDC and assisted in finding what they need.

Crystal Design Center is also an area where many restaurants and gourmet dining experiences await you. These venues are very popular with Bangkok residents and visitors, including those who are not interested in architecture and design. In these spaces perfect for hanging out with friends, you can experience the new concept of free-standing design at Starbucks, enjoy a fabulous cool beer at Est.33, have a friendly party or a romantic dinner at Parlor Restaurant and Bar, and enjoy a great selection of options at other dining destinations in CDC.

The Crystal Design Center Ballroom has received special praise and appreciation from the experts of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. It is considered one of the most exclusive places in the city. CDC Ballroom is the perfect space for hosting events, perfect for conferences and weddings. The splendor of the Crystal Design Center Ballroom is complemented by additional eight design-themed meeting rooms that provide a flawless setting for memorable events.