Elliot James Interiors: Delivering Luxury Interior Designs from Concept to Completion

Interior design and architecture studio Elliot James Interiors was founded almost a decade ago, and in its first projects, it demonstrated an amazing ability to exquisitely combine thoughtful design, intelligent planning, and an unwavering commitment to realizing and developing concepts that meet clients’ desires. Over the years, the company has made a significant contribution to the development of the luxury design sector, and in particular, the design of luxury homes, hotels, and commercial properties. In recognition of the company’s achievements, the judging panel of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards has honored Elliot James Interiors as Best Luxury Architect and Luxury Interior Design Studio in Singapore.

Elliot James Interiors was founded in 2012 by Elliot James Barratt and Tom Ryan, who at the time already had extensive experience in the luxury industry and practical skills in running a successful business. With the field of design in London as the start of their careers, Elliot and Tom, over the following years, have achieved high status, completed a large number of projects, and received recognition and many awards. Elliot received recognition as a Society of British & International Interior Design accredited designer, and in 2018, Elliot and Tom won the SBID International Design Awards for their residential apartment project. Founding Elliot James Interiors allowed the two talented entrepreneurs to combine their expertise in design, business, and finance to create one of the most successful interior design practices in Singapore.

Elliot and Tom, in collaboration with other talented designers and architects, provide clients a multi-faceted, forward-thinking approach that includes full support, including initial consultations, design discussions, material procurement, drawings, and project management. With Elliot James Interiors’ full-service team, working on a project becomes as convenient as possible for everyone involved. This holistic approach is particularly valuable in the high-end sector, where clients can enjoy an individual approach regardless of the scale of the project.

It is fair to say that the success of Elliot James Interiors is primarily based on a well-constructed dialogue and full understanding with each client. When designers and architects understand a client’s individual style, desires, likes, and dislikes, they can create a project that will capture the client’s personality even through the smallest details. This approach is reflected in the fresh, contemporary residential interior design of Ardmore with its clean lines and simple tones and in The Grange, where the client wanted a traditional patterned design. These projects, like others in the Elliot James Interiors portfolio, showcase the skill of the team, and most importantly, reflect the personality of the people who will enjoy their results.

The Elliot James Interiors team has demonstrated its capability to subtly work with design styles and adapt them to different generations with the Cuscaden One and Cuscaden Two projects. These are two apartments, owned by a father and a son, and located one above the other. Different assignments were developed to work on each of them, united only by a passion for luxurious and comfortable living. Cuscaden Two required a careful choice of materials to embody the traditional style, resulting in a spectacular combination of contrasting metals, polished walls, mirrors, and sophisticated lighting. Cuscaden Two has become an example of a luxurious dwelling with elements of modern style and clever zoning, which allows the inhabitants to use the space of the apartment as efficiently as possible.

Cuscaden One is a spacious apartment that needed a unique interior with an emphasis on group entertainment. Elliot James Interiors created a thoughtfully designed living area that ensured efficient use of space and a cohesive interior feel to this large apartment. Using carefully selected soft furnishings, the designers gave the apartment a comforting motif, and the artworks helped to add a touch of whimsy to the interior of the dwelling.

When working on each project, the Elliot James Interiors team puts rigorous professional standards and end-user interests at the forefront. By practicing contract design, the company implements various types of projects, including the design of hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The company’s portfolio ranges from small projects to large-scale renovations and major resorts.  Using a global multicultural approach to design, Elliot James Interiors develops and implements spectacular projects on a world-class level.