Cutting-Edge Flooring Design and Outstanding Services from Vietnam’s AMY

Located in the heart of the Vietnamese ceramics industry in Vinh Phuc Province, AMY GRUPO is an industrial complex involved in the production and supply of a wide range of building materials. This is where the company’s stylish collection of wall and floor tiles and SPC Floorings are manufactured.

Established in 2015, the company has developed an impressive reputation for innovation and excellence. Their ongoing research program ensures their production processes are always developing in their quest to keep up with new technology and ensure efficiency of manufacturing on the way to production of their range of high-quality flooring products.

AMY GRUPO pride themselves on their complete approach in dealings with each individual involved in the production and sales process. They believe strongly in using the company as a means of building a strong community while also focusing on supporting their team of employees. This means they are dedicated to working closely with their customers, suppliers, employees, and investors to create value together, leading to an ethos of trust and mutual support.

Part of this is their respect for their skilled technical team and emphasis on professional production management using the latest of modern equipment. This process leads to the development of their comprehensive range of stylish and environmentally friendly products that are sold domestically as well as around the world. As part of their philosophy of innovation, the company is now manufacturing a health-focused flooring product that continually releases ions into the atmosphere, creating a healthier environment with enhanced fresh air at home.

There’s a wide collection of porcelain wall and floor tiles available making for the opportunity to create a diverse range of looks to suit any taste. The tiles come in a range of colors and sizes as well as many different finishes including polished, matt, sugar, super glossy polished and laptop polished. The looks include the sophisticated wood look, contemporary cement look, and elegant stone and marble looks. The perfect way to bring any space to life with something to suit every taste and style.

AMY GRUPO’s dedication to sustaining strong working relationships with every sector they deal with while producing exceptional, cutting-edge flooring, makes them a well-deserved award winner in 2021. The company has been selected by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Tiles in Asia. A worthy victory for this highly trusted company which is receiving recognition for their can-do attitude and beautiful cutting-edge flooring design.

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