L’atelier Fantasia: Combining Art with Stylish Furnishing for Divergent Aesthetic Designs

The team at L’Atelier Fantasia is led by their Design Director and Founder, Idan Chiang. With her dedication to unifying the complete range of design disciplines in the creation of elegant, contemporary homes, the company is producing an exceptional range of projects. Chiang majored in sociology and her perspective on exploring what people need and the social trends surrounding them is incorporated into every project with the aim of providing the ideal personalized solution every time. As well as her expertise as an interior designer she is also an art collector and educator, and serves on the board of several Taiwanese organizations, all of which provides her with an even deeper insight into the interior design industry.

The company’s belief is that every living space should stand alone as a unique piece of someone’s life story. To this end they are dedicated to their core design values of elegance, comfort and happiness and offer a full range of services for luxury residential design. All while making sure to keep client needs and wishes to the forefront of every project.

To make for a streamlined process, L’Atelier Fantasia’s design team is divided into different departments specializing in various disciples including design, furniture, art and administration. Each member is a carefully chosen expert in their own particular field to offer the ultimate in expertise. The furniture department includes international members with the aim to ensure global trends and developments are always kept in mind when looking at potential design and planning concepts.

A dedicated designer is allocated to each project and they all coordinate closely with each of the teams in different departments while also following client briefs. The plan is that they are informed in detail every step of the way to ensure absolute understanding of the project and manage it efficiently and to the complete satisfaction of every client.

This approach to seamlessly managing each project closely to the client brief while designing stylish, contemporary spaces at the same time is clearly illustrated in one of their latest projects – Family with a Pearl Necklace. The modern Neo classic apartment offers a highly functional and elegant living space with specially chosen furnishings and finishes. These include striking lighting and flooring selections and unique hand-crafted accessories throughout the elegant apartment that is both eminently usable and superbly comfortable.

A reputation for delivering consistently excellent design values and the highest standards of personal service while adhering to the client brief at the same time means that L’Atelier Fantasia has this year been selected for a prestigious award. The experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards have chosen it as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Apartment Interior Design in Taiwan 2021 for Family with a Pearl Necklace.

For more information, visit www.fantasia-interior.com