Discover Imaginative Luxury Chocolate Treats from Chocolates by Ryan L Foote

Established towards the end of 2018 by founder Ryan L Foote, Chocolates by Ryan L Foote is a Hong Kong-based chocolate studio producing innovative delicacies of the highest quality. This is due to the creative use of 3D technology in the chocolate-making process combined with the company’s sense of adventure in exploring unlikely flavour combinations.

Using age-old chocolatier techniques together with modern printing technologies, Foote creates unconventionally shaped bite-sized treats inspired by a variety of influences. Some examples of this inspiration in previous collections have been natural geology, architecture, and nature; food, ceramic bubble plates, and fractal geometry. Foote’s imagination is limitless in his quest for memorable chocolate dining.

Foote completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with majors in sculpture and spatial practices at the Victorian College of Arts at the University of Melbourne. He then went on to work in the culinary world and after years of experimentation and research, he began his journey to reimagine chocolate for the digital age with the birth of Chocolates by Ryan L Foote. “I have always been interested in pushing boundaries and bringing classic techniques together with new technologies,” explains Foote. He describes chocolate as having “playful yet serious qualities. The fact that it can be molded and sculptured naturally appeals to my academic training.”

As well as the attention-grabbing shapes, customers love the inventive ganache fillings that bring together traditional Cantonese and native Australian flavours. There’s a fascinating selection to choose from which includes strawberry gum dark chocolate ganache, a quandong, and fingerlime cream combination, creamy egg tart-inspired flavour, or the dark chocolate and aged mandarin-rind pairing. The range also includes CBD-infused chocolates and the richest of drinking chocolate.

Foote presently spends his time between his home country, Australia, and Hong Kong which he moved to in 2014. He describes his dual residences as a source of “perspective on how different markets work and how within businesses you need to be both nimble and adaptable”. This has meant that the relatively new chocolate studio is turning the chocolate scene on its head and has become hugely popular among Hong Kongers.

The different ranges are both visually engaging and reflect contemporary design while embracing the multicultural world we live in. An example of this is the Hong Kong Collection which seeks to honour classic local tastes like red bean and traditional Hong Kong milk tea. And the Australian Collection is inspired by native botanicals such as pepperberry. In the Single Origin Collection, there are single-origin chocolates from Africa (Sao Tome) Asia Pacific (Papua New Guinea), and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Chocolates by Ryan L Foote also features a Whisky Collection that incorporates spirits from Japan, Scotland, and the USA, among others.

The growth of an incredible new chocolate brand offering innovative products to the discerning Hong Kong market is an impressive achievement. This is why Chocolates by Ryan L Foote has been chosen by the experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a 2021 winner in the category of Best Luxury Fine Chocolate in Asia. A well-deserved accolade for a truly imaginative company offering high-quality unique chocolates.

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