Experience The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao

The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao Whiskey is Macallan’s latest limited-edition release with a sustainability twist.

The whiskey itself has an interesting origin story: Macallan whiskey maker Polly Logan collaborated with renowned pastry chef Jordi Roca of El Celler de Can Roca, a three Michelin star awarded restaurant. Polly also embarked on a journey to Girona, Spain to learn the ins and outs of the chocolate-making process and discover the distinctive flavor profiles at Casa Cacao with master chocolatier, Damian Allsop.

Through this unique collaboration, Polly was able to envision The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao. Her experience led her to explore Macallan’s traditional sherry-seasoned European oak casks and combine it with a vanilla note to sweeten the bitterness she found in the chocolate note. Her exposure to all the chocolates in her journey also allowed her to seek out whiskeys with rare indulgent chocolate notes and pair them with fine chocolates for an elevated tasting experience.

But it gets more exciting than this. Extending beyond the contents of the bottle, The Macallan Harmony Rich Cacao whiskey puts the limelight on the unexpected—its sustainable packaging. 

The bottle’s presentation box is crafted with sustainably sourced husks from discarded cacao pods. Being a natural by-product in the chocolate-making process, these pods would have ended up in landfills. With innovative solutions and Macallan’s sustainability commitment, however, these pods can create a much kinder, fully recyclable, and biodegradable packaging.

Experience The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao

Last December 4, patrons enjoyed a dram of The Harmony Collection Rich Cacao whiskey accompanied with a canapé pairing at ION Sky in Singapore. In collaboration with the country’s very own award-winning chocolatier and pastry chef Janice Wong, guests were able to get the first tase of the Rich Cacao whiskey with a set of bean-to-bar single-origin Ecuador and Colombian chocolate Bon Bons, Wong’s signature creation. 

Following this debut will be The Macallan Harmony Collection Private Dining Experience series which is hosted by Raffles Hotel Singapore.

This dining experience features incredibly luscious plates by Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse. The menu includes a raw marinated sea bream, seared langoustines, Capellini di Gragnano pasta with Maine lobster and dry-aged beef tenderloin. These will be paired with four whiskeys: 12 Year Old, 15 Year Old, and 18 Year Old from The Macallan Double Cask Whiskey line.

The dinner will finish with The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao paired with heavenly dessert by Chef Wong. She will engage guests in a full bean-to-bar journey, from the freshness of the cacao pulp, the textures of both unroasted and roasted cacao beans, all the way to a freshly conched bean to bar single origin Colombian chocolate mousse. The dessert also features complimenting flavors and textures of an almond sponge, citrus jelly, and cacao pulp—paired with The Harmony Collection Rich Cacao.

This dining experience is scheduled in the evenings of the 13th, 16th, and the 23rd of December at the Raffles Hotel showroom. Reservations can be made here.

In partnership with Raffles Hotel Singapore, Macallan will also unveil exclusive dining packages inclusive of exquisite pairings with the Macallan selection of fine whiskies every month. Impeccably curated by Pierre Burgade, Executive Chef of Raffles Hotel Singapore together with his team of Chefs de Cuisine – 藝 yì by Jereme Leung, Tiffin Room, and Chef Rémy Lefebvre at Butcher’s Block, these culinary masters will make the gourmet experience worth the visit.