Exclusive Design Solutions And Dream Interiors by The Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya

The multi-talented team at The Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya strives to provide premium design solutions while collaborating closely with every client to fulfill and exceed their expectations. The company is renowned for its exceptional luxury interior design and individualized service across a wide range of diverse projects. For this reason, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards named The Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya the Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Russia.

Marina Putilovskaya is the founder of the Russian interior design studio. She has more than 25 years of experience both in Russia and around the world. After graduating from Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry, one of the country’s top art universities, she began her career as an interior designer in the late 1990s. Subsequently, she becomes the first Russian designer to become the Art Director for Trueggellmann, a prestigious German design company. Since then, she has built an impressive portfolio of projects internationally since establishing her own company.

In 2010, Marina won the tender for designing a Russian Patriarch Residence in St Danilov Monastery. In 2011, she coordinated a series of events during ISaloni Milano to present her unique collections with Italian companies, including Jumbo Collection, Mechini, Riva Mobili D’Arte, and Boiserie Italia. Two years later, she was commissioned by the Foundation of the Russian Imperial House. Marina became an official partner to create an exclusive collection of chandeliers and furniture in honor of the 400th anniversary of The Romanov Dynasty.

The company’s success continued in 2014 when they won the tender to design the restaurant in a historic hotel in central Moscow. After that, they designed and built one of the biggest SPA Grand Prix, which is spread out over an area of 7,500 square meters in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan. 

In 2017, Marina Putilovskaya became the first Russian interior designer to present her own collection of furniture, fabrics, and accessories in New Liberty style at the ISaloni Milano exhibition. This accomplishment was repeated the following year with a new collection.

Through the years, The Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya has won multiple prizes and an exceptional selection of tenders with companies worldwide. They are keen to accept every tender to help create unique fabrics, accessories, furniture, and lighting collections. 

Marina has collaborated with an impressive collection of politicians, businessmen, businesswomen, and celebrities. She has brought together a team of professionals who work closely with their clients. They listen to their client’s goals of creating a unique interior design in a space where they want to live long term. The Design Bureau aims to create a distinctive character in each project with clients, utilizing exclusive elements like a studio, forgings, marble panels, stained-glass windows. Their details cannot be easily replicated.

The company follows a tried and trusted process consisting of six steps. It starts with creating the whole concept. Then they develop the working document from the approved concept. From there, they move on to the specifications, supervision, engineering systems, and selection of all finishing materials both in Russia and abroad. This process ensures they are always keeping up with the latest technologies in design to achieve the best result for every client consistently. 

The Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya is committed to always paying the closest attention to detail while producing interiors of harmony and luxurious elegance, making their clients’ dreams come true.

Find out more information about The Design Bureau of Marina Putilovskaya by visiting their website here www.putilovskaya.ru or contact the team direct at [email protected].