What Type of Luxury Traveler Are You?

Are you a luxury traveler? If you appreciate the best of the best in vacation stays, such as a luxury hotel & resort or perhaps a luxury villa rental in an exclusive destination, then you are.

Luxury travelers expect high-end, high-spec features, gorgeous design elements and to stay in a unique holiday accommodation in a stunning location. Mass tourism and cookie-cutter stays are the antithesis of a luxury vacation.

Of course, luxury travelers are all looking for that special getaway for their individual reasons. What type of luxury traveler you are could determine where you stay and what type of luxury accommodation you book.

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The Traditionalist: You are looking for all the hallmarks of conventional luxury and expecting a high price tag. Upmarket brand names, from the toiletries to the appliances, are a must and luxury means getting what you want, when you want it. You are not looking for design innovation or quirky features, but opulence and the finer luxuries in life. Gourmet food, the finest linens, and indulgent extravagancies are part of the vacation experience with high-class comfort and extraordinary quality.

image source: www.lamima.com

source: www.lamima.com

The Experientialist: Your version of luxury is all about incredible experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Luxury is about grabbing the best of life’s adventures and taking the ride of your life, in style. The focus is on holiday lifestyles and how a vacation can bring real riches through wonderful holiday activities. From chartering a private yacht to snorkeling with a high-end tour close to stunning reefs, you want to feel the luxury of being alive and living life to the full. You may seek adrenaline-fueled adventure or yearn for a wellbeing retreat experience at your accommodation with spa treats and private yoga and meditation with inspiring views.

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The Professional: You are a seasoned traveler and have clear ideas about what you like. You are not looking for one type of luxury necessarily but different types of stays aimed at the discerning holidaymaker. You sometimes want a rural retreat with a loved one, whilst at other times, you prefer activities by the sea with family or friends. While luxury does not have to be over the top extravagance, you do have certain standards that each vacation stay needs to match, whatever type of holiday you choose.

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The Opportunist: From choosing vacation spots that are off the beaten track to new locations that are not as sought after as on the main tourist trail, you look for luxury in hidden places. You do not follow the crowd and are open to different destinations which may give you more luxury bang for your buck. Rather than sticking to the classic luxury holiday hotspots you search for opportunities to experience the best for less.  Perhaps you visit a well-known place out of season for a quieter time and more affordable stay, or you head to a location that attracts less tourists for one reason or another.

image source: www.thephuketvillas.com

source: www.thephuketvillas.com

The Splurger: Luxury is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday compared to your usual vacation time, and you want an unforgettable experience. You have saved up for a luxury break, whether a romantic holiday or a memorable family vacation and want all-singing-all-dancing luxury. From a private cinema and games room, state-of-the-art entertainment and rooms with outstanding views, you are looking for a getaway that transports you to an entirely different world where you can experience how the other half live. Showy, impressive, extravagance is desirable and a slice of the million-dollar lifestyle.

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The Imaginary: You are inspired by the covers of glossy magazines and idyllic pictures of paradise on social media. A stay in a Luxury villa found in a beautiful part of the world, for example, is one of your aspirations. You want to transform fantasy into reality which are picturesque locations, stunning abode with spectacular vistas, and a magical holiday experience. With your imagination fired up, your choice of vacation stay comes from snapshots of classic luxury – think infinity pools, terraces to watch amazing sunsets from, and wide open spaces where you can truly live the dream.

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The Celebratory: Luxury for you is a sense of occasion and about feeling special. You may be looking for a honeymoon pad in paradise or a villa stay to celebrate an engagement, wedding anniversary or even a birthday. Perhaps you want to treat someone important in your life and a luxury holiday is a surprise present too. You may decide that the time has come to pamper yourself and reward yourself for years of hard work. Whatever the occasion, your choice of accommodations or luxury destinations needs to reflect the mood and perfectly fit with whoever you are taking along.

Just as luxury defies one single definition, so too does the luxury traveler. What type of luxurious holiday experience are you looking for and why? Share your thoughts in the comment below!