The Gulfstream GV by Mjets

Offering the highest safety standards and world-class features that place your needs at the forefront of their service, MJets’ Gulfstream GV is a luxury private business jet that can take you from Bangkok to Paris nonstop.

The private business jet requires 2 pilots and features 2 flight attendants who satisfy your every need while on board. Fitted for a large group (14 passengers max), the private jet has 3 areas, which include a zone for working, for entertainment, as well as a resting area with their fully reclining beds.

Amenities include shower facilities, multiple screens with DVD players, cabin speakers, and telephones. The maximum baggage capacity of the jet is 2,500 lbs., and its cabin length is 50.1 feet for the right amount of comfort and flexibility in terms of comfort and movement inside the aircraft.

Tagged as an office and a luxurious platform for travel, the Gulfstream GV is the most stylish way to travel from Bangkok to Paris.