Haeco Private Jet Solutions Released 2 New Luxurious Jet Interior Designs

Haeco Private Jet Solutions has recently announced two new interior designs for private jets aimed to attract the ultra-rich Chinese business persons. These unique interior designs implement East philosophical ideas and stylish fashion together.

These two designs are called “Xiaoyao” which means ‘feeling at ease’, and the “East meets West”. They are designed to fit specifically for a Boeing Business Jet 2, covering an area of 1,025 sq ft of the cabin space and a flying ceiling of 41,000 sq ft. However, a bigger cabin business jet or an Airbus ACJ can also be custom-fit with these designs.

Dining Room - Xiaoyao

Xiaoyao Design Concept

The first interior design features a wide open space layout for the cabin area that adapts eastern philosophy design concept where the lounging areas is placed to the side instead of the usual front. It has a curved walkway that goes through the center of the jet, similar to the image of a flowing stream that is believed to improve the feng shui of the area. This interior space also allocates a special area for drinking tea or playing Mahjong – two things that the Chinese are very fond of. A separate master suite and a dining room are also available in this Xiaoyao design.The materials used in the Xiaoyao design are mainly wood. Natural and subtle color palettes were used to highlight the peaceful and calm ambiance.

16.Private room forward view - East Meets West

East Meets West Design Concept

The second interior design called the East meets West boasts an outstanding concept using the brighter color palettes and geometric shapes. The decoration of the inner cabin is more adaptive of the modern western style with a touch of traditional Eastern art.

According to Haeco Private Jet Solutions Commercial vice president, Henry Chan, the company wanted a cabin with an innovative design that has never been seen anywhere else before. The interior design has to be timeless and one that incorporates the ancient Chinese philosophy and teachings. However, he said that the ultimate objective of this super-luxurious interior jet design is to cater to the millionaires in China.

These stunning interior designs are expected to be a hit among the affluent Chinese business people once they hit the market. (www.haeco.com)