Innovative Bespoke Watch Winders from Richman Luxury

Bespoke automatic wristwatches are the pride of many timepiece enthusiasts. It is a unique and stylish accessory that looks great while delivering functional timekeeping. The whole process of owning a wristwatch has been enhanced with the creation of premium watch winders by Richman Luxury.

The company was launched by innovative Singapore-born entrepreneur and visionary Jin Goh, a self-professed and dedicated automatic watch enthusiast, in 2015. Since then, her goal has been to provide luxury timepieces that receive proper care and are created with utmost quality. At the same time, her company strives to offer excellence of service and customer care, innovation, and constant technological evolution. Jin Goh’s unique approach has led to a rapid expansion within the industry. Today, Richman Luxury sits proudly among the luxury watch winder production leaders worldwide.

All watch winders produced by the company are designed to keep automatic watches running while not being worn. The configuration of these timepieces means that there is a moving weight inside the watch that swings or rotates when the watch is on the wrist, driving the clock movement. When it is not being worn, it does not receive power and therefore will no longer be keeping the correct time. This movement can be started again by manual winding. Still, the addition of an automatic watch winder is a much more attractive and highly convenient proposition. This watch winder holds the watch and will move it in circular patterns, simulating the movements of a human hand. This means that the owner can remove their watch at the end of the day and set it down on the winder, where it will continue to receive a charge until they put it on again.

Luxury timepieces are highly collectible items, and often their owners will have more than one watch to their name. To cater to this demand, Richman Luxury has developed a comprehensive selection of devices that can store up to 17 automatic watches at any one time.

Carefully selected high-quality materials have been used for the parts of the winders that come into direct contact with the watch. They work successfully with stainless steel, ceramic, and leather bracelets. And a selection of glass, carbon fiber, and exotic African hardwood Bubinga are used to construct their cases. There is close attention to the technology employed, which needs to be highly specialized. 

One of the essential requirements is a low noise level during operation. Richman Luxury uses exceptionally quiet Japanese mechanisms that guarantee high operational reliability without discomfort. The microprocessor circuits developed by Jin allow watch owners to independently program each winder and adjust the rotation modes choosing from a selection of clockwise, anti-clockwise, or alternating programs.

Each watch winder is an exceptional technological accomplishment and offers an aesthetically pleasing design for every owner. The Richman Luxury brand is dedicated to always offering excellence and exclusivity while utilizing the highest standards of craftsmanship. This is why the company has been chosen to receive a highly prestigious award from the panel of experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. They are the winner of the Best Innovations for Luxury Brands in Singapore AwardA worthy accolade for Jin Goh and her team, who seek to offer a truly luxurious experience in every way for all their customers.

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