Private Villa Wedding Checklist

Picture this, a tropical destination and a wedding villa venue by the ocean or surrounded by rainforest greenery; the promise of a perfect setting for the most memorable day of any nearly-betrothed couple’s life. Luxury is a feeling, an experience, and an adventure, just like love, and a villa stay is a wonderful way to say ‘I do’. Vacations can be special and a special occasion that is also a holiday is extra special and unforgettable.

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Choosing an incredible wedding villa location can transform every aspect of such an intimate event, creating a couple’s romantic fairytale land into which their love can blossom in luxurious surroundings. Deep blue skies, sparkling waters, and gorgeous vistas carry the message of new beginnings and of living life to the full with love in your heart; a perfect way to start married life.

Choosing a villa rental in the sun as a dream wedding venue is one of the most crucial decisions couples will make before they become newlyweds. Whether on a Thai island such as Phuket or Koh Samui or a beautiful Indonesian gem such as Bali, this villa wedding checklist ensures that the occasion or your wedding day is as perfect as you imagined:

Think about the ambiance you want to create. Luxury can be exciting, different, daring, and simply stunning. A luxury villa can be beautifully traditional or glamorously contemporary; a spacious spa-style retreat, an uber-cool stay or a peaceful oasis and exotic escape. A luxury villa stay can inspire romance, fun, and relaxation. Creating the right ambiance for your wedding emanates from choosing a villa and location that reflects the mood of the occasion. Luxury is unique and never the same.

Do you have access to a wedding planner? Some luxury villas may seem made for a wedding, however, an event held in a holiday destination needs planning. Some villas have access to wedding planners or a network of wedding services, whilst others may have staff on hand who specialize in sorting out all the finer details of what needs to be in place for the Big Day. A villa wedding can promise a stress-free celebration if it is well thought out and a professional who can at least source what you need, especially on an island, is absolutely essential.

Do you want the wedding ceremony at the villa? Some couples want to exchange vows on a white-sand beach whilst others prefer the infinity pool with a luxury villa to stay in before and after the ceremony. Others favor a union in a grand villa atrium or in the grounds with a spectacular backdrop and vista. Where the actual betrothal takes place can change where you stay and the style of the Wedding Day.

Where do you want to enjoy a honeymoon? Do you want a villa that is big enough for guests to stay for a while or do you want a ceremony at your luxury pad and to stay there alone? Many couples choose to stay after the main event and enjoy a honeymoon in the sun. Is a villa intimate enough for two or does it have enough facilities and activities to cater for a wedding group?

Do you want the wedding party at the villa? Think about who is staying at the villa and for how long as well as whether you want to hold the Wedding Day there or view it as a retreat away from the celebrations. Depending on the plan, you may want a chilled-out stay or one that has that ‘wow’ factor and lots of outdoor space for poolside parties and al fresco wedding dining.

What type of wedding feast do you want? Luxury villas that come with a private chef enable nearly-weds to perfectly plan a personalized wedding menu. This can range from a BBQ by the pool, a sumptuous sit-down dinner or a gourmet buffet lunch. One major advantage, and there are many, of a villa wedding destination is the flexibility and ability to really make your Wedding Day feel totally personal and exactly how you want it.

Communicate your must-haves for a wedding villa. Dreams are best achieved if you are clear and vocal about how you see your ideal Wedding Day and what you like and do not like. The more information you provide and the more precise you are about each element, the closer you come to realizing your wedding vision. Private villa owners can offer that hands-on, personal feedback with advice and suggestions that couples need for such a personal special occasion.

Create picture-perfect nuptials. A must-have for any villa to brand itself luxury is a stunning setting and vista that is perfect for wedding photos. Cliff-top stays often promise a sweeping, romantic ocean view. On-the-beach stays tempt with white-sand ceremonies and beautiful shots of stepping into the water of a pretty bay. Jungle-style retreats excite with the exotic landscape of rainforests and natural beauty.

Follow your instinct and embrace the incredible. Just as with a wedding outfit or the overall style and theme, the right wedding villa can jump out and just feel and look a perfect match. Luxury stays can be so wonderfully gorgeous that you cannot help but fall head over heels and book for an out-of-this-world, memorable Wedding Day that you will never forget.


Photographer: Darin Images
Villa Name: Villa Aye Phuket
Wedding Planner: The Wedding Bliss