Raising a Glass to Excellence: Luxury Lifestyle Awards Broadens Recognition to Premium Alcohol Brands

With great pride, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards (LLA) announces its dedication to enhancing the exposure and celebration of Premium Wine and Spirits Brands through its distinguished international organization. With a fresh emphasis on the alcohol category, the new TOP 100 category from Luxury Lifestyle Awards is set to spotlight and honor exceptional brands that embody excellence in premium alcohol. 

The forthcoming TOP 100 category by LLA will compile a roster of the most deserving, reputable, and dependable premium wine and spirits brands from across the globe. This annual compilation of industry frontrunners will showcase names that have earned the allegiance of patrons and the acclaim of experts through years of successful operations. 

Luxury Lifestyle Awards are known for identifying top-tier goods and services in the luxury goods and services industry. The organization has successfully lauded and commemorated luxury hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, fashion and jewelry brands, luxury real estate developers, architects, and designers, as well as luxury food and beverage brands, among many other enterprises in the luxury sector. While acknowledging accomplishments in the alcohol category previously, Luxury Lifestyle Awards is now resolute in intensifying its efforts to cast an even brighter spotlight on premium alcohol brands. 

In recognition of the significance of luxury alcohol brands within the broader luxury sector, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards recognizes that these brands are exemplary in craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication to providing extraordinary experiences for discerning consumers worldwide. Luxury Lifestyle Awards aims to offer deserving brands a more significant platform for achieving global recognition and enhancing their prestige by strengthening their focus on premium wine and spirits. 


Luxury Lifestyle Awards’ rigorous evaluation process ensures that only the most exceptional brands secure a spot in the TOP 100. Several criteria assess nominees, including uniqueness, innovation, farming methods, brand reputation, and customer experience. Luxury Lifestyle Awards uses a transparent and impartial evaluation process to identify the industry’s true trailblazers.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards welcomes premium alcohol brands globally to submit their nominations for evaluation. Eligible brands encompass a diverse range, including but not limited to still, sparkling, and fortified wines, along with spirits like brandy, cognac, rum, gin, vodka, and whisky.

Participating in this esteemed award program offers brands a global platform to bolster their reputation, attract discerning consumers, and gain significant exposure within the luxury industry. Nominations can be submitted by invitation to the LLA selection committee, through recommendation, or by direct application via the official website.

To submit nominations, follow this link: https://luxurylifestyleawards.com/apply-to-top-100.

It’s important to note that LLA does not impose an entry fee, and the recognition of our TOP 100 is solely based on their merit.

Registration is now open and will conclude on the 27th of October, 2023.