The Philippines’ Best Kept Secret: A Luxury Resort in its Surfing Capital

While luxury resorts around the world spare no expense in offering the most upscale furnishings and the rarest ingredients for their cuisine, Nay Palad Hideaway Siargao offers an entirely different standard of luxury.

Located on a remote island in the Pacific, Nay Palad Hideaway Siargao brings you an idyllic paradise where rest, relaxation, and comfort are of utmost priority.

Found on the beautiful island of Siargao, dubbed as the surfing capital of the Philippines, unobstructed views of the Pacific are yours to behold, along with white, pristine sand, and crystal clear, calm azure waters.

While most people visit Siargao for its surf breaks, as well as the annual international surfing competition, those who do not seek perfect barrels or beginner-friendly waves can still enjoy what the island has to offer.

The resort features only 9 private villas, creating an atmosphere of privacy and exclusivity.  Resort rates are all-inclusive, which means you won’t have to worry about hotel bills that have piled up, since everything you need is included with your stay.  From sea-fresh cuisine, massages, and excursions, everything is inclusive, even babysitters or local nannies for your kids.  The goal of Nay Palad:  wandering around and enjoying the island paradise where you won’t have to carry your wallet with you.

The origins of Nay Palad started out as a global furniture company, and it’s not surprising that the entire boutique resort is furnished in their bespoke furnishings, which makes use of organic materials to create a natural and luxurious comfort.

Since the owner wanted to include the community in the construction of the resort, all villas use materials sourced from the island itself, as well as those from nearby islands.  Headboards and several furnishings are also locally made, and the chef, Chef Justin Field, source locally grown produce and freshly-caught seafood to concoct scrumptious cuisine for guests to indulge.

Aside from the beautiful pool and the stunning private beach, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, making your holiday relax and complete even without stepping a foot outside the resort premises.

Take for example the resort’s Sea Pagoda, which is found 800 meters from the beach, and is accessible by boat, stand up paddle, or kayak, which makes for the perfect point for snorkeling adventures or simply just lounging all afternoon with drinks and snacks in the middle of the sea.

But if you wish to enjoy the beauty of Siargao, there is plenty to see and do, such as the Magpupungko Rock Pools, the world-famous surf break called Cloud 9, and island hopping to unspoiled islands such as Guyam, Daku, and the Naked Island.

If you wish to enjoy the spoils of a remote, tropical island, utmost comfort and relaxation, and rest and relaxation from the hustle and stresses of everyday modern life, Nay Palad Hideaway is an absolute island paradise destination, leaving you stress-free, relaxed, and creating an aching desire of never leaving.

Photos: Nay Palad Hideaway