Sheybarah Hotel by Grankraft – Kraftell Groupe Marks a Revolutionary Chapter in Saudi Arabian Hospitality

Grankraft-Kraftell Groupe is honored to achieve its latest recognition, securing the prestigious title of Best Luxury Resort Development in Saudi Arabia 2023 at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for its exceptional Sheybarah Hotel.

Founded in 2000, Grankraft-Kraftell Groupe has firmly established itself as a formidable force in engineering and manufacturing. Specializing in tailor-made structures, architectural glass, metalworks, and beyond, the company boasts a comprehensive portfolio encompassing architectural steel, weathered steel, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, unique alloys, and brass, bronze, and copper. Grankraft has further broadened its proficiency to include Fit-Out works, encompassing custom fixtures, furniture, and equipment (FF&E).

Grankraft stands out due to its commitment to customization. Understanding that each client presents distinct goals, challenges, and preferences, Grankraft has refined an all-encompassing customization process. This method entails collecting client information, fostering collaboration among expert teams, and devising tailored solutions that address immediate needs and long-term concepts.

When questioned about the award, Suhaila Al Najjar emphasized that for Grankraft, the paramount significance of this recognition lies in acknowledging innovative contributions. She emphasized that being recognized for pioneering accomplishments fosters a culture of creativity and forward-thinking.

Grankraft – Kraftell Groupe has effectively expanded its presence across diverse industry sectors, such as Cultural, Hotel and Residential, Retail, Commercial, Entertainment, Workspace, Public Art, Transportation, and Mixed-Use Buildings. Additionally, the company has forged robust partnerships with prominent engineering and architectural universities to support the development of the next generation of professionals.

The acclaimed Sheybarah Hotel, an exceptional undertaking, showcases expansive interiors influenced by opulent yachts and sweeping sea vistas. Every overwater villa is characterized by a 3D stainless-steel exterior, an infinity pool, and sliding doors opening to decks. The hotel provides a seamless fusion of luxury and comfort, featuring refined lodgings, personalized service, spa and wellness offerings, exquisite dining, contemporary amenities, and awe-inspiring views.

Yet, Sheybarah Hotel’s distinction extends beyond mere luxury. Grankraft’s commitment to sustainability is evident in every facet of the project. Every detail is carefully crafted to reduce environmental impact, encompassing construction methods and energy sources, establishing a compelling model for eco-conscious initiatives.

Pivotal to the project’s success is the integration of cutting-edge logistics, wherein villa capsules are prefabricated at Grankraft’s Dubai facilities and subsequently transported to the installation site. This strategy elevates quality and minimizes costs and construction duration while enhancing on-site safety.

Expressing gratitude for the prestigious recognition from Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Suhaila Al Najjar, Chief Executive Officer, affirms, “A huge thank you to Luxury Lifestyle Awards for this great honor. We intend to continue to provide our clients with a sustainable and bespoke solution for their unique needs.”

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