Him Lam Palace Triumphs as Best Luxury Villa Development in Vietnam by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards takes great pride in announcing Him Lam Land as an esteemed award recipient in the Best Luxury Villa Development category for their project Him Lam Palace in Vietnam. This achievement is a genuinely remarkable triumph within the luxury real estate industry. 

Established in 2008, Him Lam Land Corporation has firmly ascended in the Vietnamese real estate market, accumulating 15 years of revolution in real estate operation management, investment, sales, and development. 

The award-winning project, Him Lam Palace, is a testament to the Corporation’s commitment to excellence. This neoclassical architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends modern and classical European designs comprises 112 limited-edition mansions. Each mansion part of this luxurious development is crafted with exceptional attention to detail.

A skillful fusion of characteristic architectural shapes and molding details defines the estate’s impressive appearance. Simplifying these carved details creates modern and unique artistic expressions in each mansion. Every element within Him Lam Palace is precisely sourced from the finest materials, with dedicated artisans trailing aesthetic brilliance. What also stands out about these mansions is their panoramic views of a thriving golf course that symbolizes the honor and pride of their owners.

Secluded from external noise, Him Lam Palace provides its residents with a private, tranquil, and luxurious living space, especially with a low construction density of 13.4%, which underscores the architect’s passion for spacious and luxurious living. This distinctive palace caters to individuals who appreciate life’s finer attributes and qualities.

Him Lam Palace offers a haven of serenity where its residents can experience a life similar to strolling through the gardens of Versailles, reflecting the splendor and complexity of a historic landmark and environment that will nurture the soul and inspire endless creativity.

The Him Lam Land Corporation has firmly established itself as a premier real estate brand in Vietnam, making their Luxury Lifestyle Awards victory for the Him Lam Palace a remarkable contribution to luxury villa development. It emphasizes the company’s devotion to elevating life experiences and fulfilling one’s aspirations.

For more information, visit https://himlamland.com/en-US/home.