Spotlight On Hong Kong – What To See And Do When Visiting

Hong Kong is renowned for its stunning Victoria Harbor and as a modern, dynamic East Asian hub that welcomes tourists from across the globe and is a center that revolves around its population of financial movers and shakers.

Whilst the skyscrapers and luxury hotels of Hong Kong define its skyline, vacationers find that each time they visit there is more to Hong Kong than its metropolis atmosphere. This is a place that combines its Chinese cultural heritage with its past as a British colony to create a unique destination; one that is intriguing, often surprising, and wonderfully enjoyable as a vacation hotspot to discover and to ultimately explore.


Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island is a wealthy district that is modern, upmarket, and the most popular area for tourists to visit.

  • With its iconic buildings and spectacular vistas from The Peak, Hong Kong’s highest point.
  • Toward Victoria Harbor this district is home to fine eateries and has a gentrified air.
  • Famed shopping districts and malls include Central which is renowned for its haute couture.
  • As night falls, the glitz of Hollywood Street and energy of Lan Kwai Fong shine with a buzzing nightlife.
  • Wanchai offers an even more alternative and diverse restaurant, bar, and entertainment scene.



Holidaymakers who do not stay on Hong Kong Island usually stay across the water, on the mainland, in Kowloon with its hectic hubbub of life on the streets.

  • Kowloon is a tourist attraction renowned for its shopping, dining, and entertainment, and has grown from an industrial center to become a visitor attraction.
  • The area is famed for its gourmet dining and neighborhood-style bistros serving the best local cuisine.
  • With a busy, more artsy vibe than Hong Kong Island, Kowloon’s traditional markets seem to sell anything and everything.
  • Nathan Road is undoubtedly the golden mile of retail therapy, ranging from luxury, designer brands to kitsch, retro, and ethnic buys.
  • Tsim Sha Tsui is well known for its markets and bazaars whilst Mong Kok and Ladies Market is a chaotic, fascinating scene of market stalls, people, and street food.


Green & Colorful Hong Kong

An often unexpected delight for first-time visitors is just how green Hong Kong is and some 70% of the landscape is rural. From beaches to mountains, pretty villages, impressive parks, and laid-back activities Hong Kong promises the ideal combination of a city vacation and a chilled-out getaway.

The New Territories, Lantau Island and the Outlying Islands of Hong Kong present idyllic day trips that reveal a totally different holiday experience and a break from the bright lights of cityscapes; hedonism and relaxation that creates the perfect balance of yin and yang. This cultural, experiential and lifestyle dichotomy is at the heart of Hong Kong’s appeal and gives it that vibrant color and richness for which it is so well-known and loved.


Seeing & Doing Hong Kong Style

Aside from shopping in one of the biggest retail landscape centers in the world, dining on the most incredible cuisine and simply experiencing Hong Kong’s energy and zest for life there is a lot to see and do.

Take to the water and charter a junk to appreciate urban beauty from a different perspective and take a classic Star Ferry between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Head for the hills and hike on the Dragon’s Back along the Hong Kong Trail with lovely views of the South China Sea or take a tram to the top of Victoria Peak, one of the oldest and steepest railroads in the world, to marvel at the view before relaxing by the lake in Victoria Park.

Soak up some spiritual culture with a visit to Lantau Island and the huge Tian Tan Buddha bronze statue and step inside Wong Tai Sim Temple, the biggest of its kind in Hong Kong. Head to the touristy haven of Stanley Market with its boutiques and stalls packed with souvenirs or retreat to a sandy island beach, fisherman village or luxury spa.


Chinese Millennial Hotspot

A favorite destination attracting visitors worldwide, Hong Kong is certainly on the holiday destination hotspot list for those from mainland China who account for the vast majority of tourists. With Chinese millennials intent on spending on experiences, particularly on travel, Hong Kong is on the radar of wealthy, young, and hip holidaymakers who love nothing better than adventure and interesting destinations they can explore and enjoy.

With its larger than life energy, fine dining restaurants, and out-of-this-world stays Hong Kong excites newcomers with its charismatic and individual identity. Hong Kong preserves its sense of history whilst taking visitors on a roller-coaster sensory ride that promises to be a vacation of a lifetime, no matter how often you visit.


Sophisticated Stays

The heady experience that is Hong Kong requires a stay that is not only in the best location but can bring an element of relaxation as well as comfort and some excellent facilities. With views that inspire and beautiful design details, Hong Kong offers vacationers a grand choice of upscale hotels that are architectural masterpieces; creating their own world of wonder for guests.

  • Hotel ICON in Kowloon is smart and stylish with some 80% of rooms affording a gorgeous Victoria Harbor view. With its vertical lobby garden of 8,500 plants this hotel exudes class and comfort with Japanese baths in each room, a heated roof pool, and even a sauna for checked-out guests looking to relax before a night flight.
  • Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong in Kowloon epitomizes the grandeur of the city and with spectacular views of Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island. The highest hotel in the world is an architectural wonder located within the International Commerce Centre boasts a lobby on the 106th floor with the highest bar and swimming pool in the world, on the 118th floor.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong is a flawlessly luxurious Hong Kong Island stay with beautiful views of Kowloon and Victoria Harbor. The floor-to-ceiling windows create space and light whilst the hotel serves up award-winning Chinese and French cuisine with two Michelin-star rated eateries.