Superyachts Sail into the Monaco Yacht Show

Size is everything when it comes to superyachts, and the biggest show on Earth for luxury yachts is without a doubt the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). Running for close to 30 years, this annual four-day event welcomes over 40,000 visitors to marvel at the 125 megayachts on display. With billions of US dollars’ worth of yachts docked at Monaco’s picturesque Port Hercules, one of the most photographed harbors in the world, the event involves big deals with some yachts come with a price tag of over 50 million Euros.  

From helipads, infinity pools, and even onboard waterfalls, today’s luxury yachts are an incredible sight to behold. In 2016, the 70-meter Galactica Super Nova with its beach club won the Award for the Finest New Superyacht as well as the MYS Exterior Design Award.  The Dutch six-meter infinity pool comes complete with a water cascade, glass-paneled bottom, and hydrotherapy spa jets.  The helipad can also be used as an informal dining area or even transformed into an al fresco cinema!

Another A-list yacht seen in 2016 was the launch of the AM37, luxury car brand Aston Martin’s first ever powerboat. Reaching speeds of some 90 kilometers per hour, the premium model version retails for over two million US dollars and is sleek and smooth with a cockpit sliding cover activated by pressing a button. Other features include a table that converts into a bed, an extending swim platform, and also air-conditioning; the ultimate dayboat for luxury Monaco-style boating.

Also in 2016, renowned yacht makers Gulf Craft showcased two of their Majesty models and the impressive design and engineering for which the brand is known. This was the first time the line has been shown in Europe which is the real testament to the industry’s view of MYS.  

The Monaco Yacht Show is the event of the boating calendar not just in Monaco or even Europe but across the globe, and the atmosphere is celebratory and incredibly exciting. The event often sees around 40 worldwide launches of new boats each year, giving the event its reputation as being cutting-edge and introducing the latest technological advances in yacht building and design.

Monaco is synonymous with yachting and life on the water is a deeply genuine part of the local community. Whether admiring the impressively opulent superyachts from afar or simply enjoying a fabulous dining experience by Port Hercules, the yachts and yachties of Monaco are a big part of life here. Many residents rent berths for their yachts, spending free time cruising the calm waters of the French Riviera.

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With superyachts aplenty, the billionaire’s playground always needs some ultra-luxurious toys to play in the water too. These have included the custom-made orca-inspired Seabreacher Y submersible, a floating yoga platform, and electric surfboard. These aquatic toys add fun element to the sophisticated display of luxury yachts and superyachts. FunAir is another Monaco Yacht Show exhibitor, presenting its inflatables which include slides, floating islands, and climbing frames with new additions being an on-the-water jousting game and even a golf green to tee off for a golf match!

Over 500 exhibitors of luxury brands, including high-end Swiss watchmakers Ulysse Nardin the official sponsors of the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show along with yacht services, brokerage houses, builders, designers, and nautical specialist goods showcase at Monaco.

While Monaco’s fast-living yachties enjoy life on the seas; they also like their automobiles to be top of the range too. A new element to the Monaco Yacht Show is Car Deck, an exhibition of luxury supercars from Lamborghinis to Rolls-Royce and Tesla with test drives also available.

With visitors and exhibitors from coming from the far corners of the globe, the Monaco Yacht Show is a truly international experience and adds to the principality’s reputation as a cosmopolitan Riviera hub of waterside living.

Yacht tenders, gala dinners, and a lounge for cabin and crew of resident and visiting yachts all fit perfectly with the occasion, and the atmosphere is electric. VIP lounges, cocktail parties, and celebrity visitors all add more than a touch of glamor to an already sophisticated event.

For residents and visitors, the Monaco Yacht Show affords valuable opportunities to meet an interesting, eclectic mix of yacht-loving folk as well as source practical information and advice on everything that is happening in the yachting world and the innovative products and services that amaze each year at this incredible event. (